Couples only vacation?

I’m trying to book a (normal) vacation for my wife and I, and have found a number of resorts that say either “adults only” or “couples only”. What exactly does that mean? Do I just have a dirty mind?

I can’t speak to “couples only,” but “adults only” is usually just an indication that they provide no facilities for children and sell themselves as a “child free” environment to attract those customers who do not like the sounds of boisterous children ruining the serenity of their vacation (the grouches).

I would interpret “adults only” to mean essentially what tomndebb said, they’re marketing themselves as a quiet getaway with no kiddie pools or playgrounds to be found. Likely they won’t sell spaces to children under X years of age, where X might be 16 or 18, for example.

“Couples only” would mean, to me, exactly the opposite of what a dirty imagination would suggest. Not only is this a quiet, no-kids place, they specifically do not want the swingin’ singles crowd. They’re trying to provide an atmosphere where you can have a drink by the pool without strangers asking you what’s your sign. Bit of a bummer for those single folks for whom a week without bad pick-up lines would be heaven, but you can’t exactly screen for that…

Yes, the “couples only” places are designed for those quiet romantic holidays, without the risk of running into rat-arsed bachelor parties or raucous all-female groups to spoil your fun.

The adults only resorts I’ve been to have all been clothing optional. But that was Cancun so other places may vary.

Well ANY place is clothing optional if you have enough beer.

Thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t end up booking us some sort of swinger vacation by accident.