Court costs associated with traffic tickets

Does anyone else have a problem with paying court costs when you dont’ go to court? I live in Virginia, and with simple tickets, this can nearly double the amount of the fine. If I go to court and my opinion is heard, I understand. If I admit fault and mail my fine in should I really have to add the extra $29(might be higher now, I’ve been good for awhile)?

Feel lucky

Here in Davidson County NC court costs are around $100. A general speeding ticket runs around $15 add $100 to that and you see where they make the money.

Court costs pay for the administration of the court, which are going to exist whether you come before the judge or not. Court buildings cost a tremenous amount to construct, maintain, staff, supply, and protect.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. When you plead guilty by mail, do you think that little elves open the envelope, enter it on the docket sheet, create an invoice, mail it to you, open that envelope when they get it, process your payment, enter that on the docket sheet, and cash the check?

They don’t.