Court TVs: Psychic Detective

Has anyone watched this program? I like Court TV, I especially like the programs like Forensic Files and the documentaries they do. However I’ve never watched this program because I find claims of Psychic power to be well less than credible. Great plot device in a book or movie, but not in the real world. So I’m wondering how credible does this look to anyone who has watched. For the record, when I say credible I want to exclude stuff like this:

Sometime last year this girl turned up missing after getting on greyhound. I commented to my wife she that most likely she got off with some people she met and was probably partying, turned out I was exactly right. Same thing with the Susan Smith story, missing kids and car, handy lake. Basically an educated guess.

I want credible as in no freaking way she/he should have guessed that.

I’m a Court TV junkie, but I’ve only watched the Psychic Files once. If the facts were indeed as presented in the show I saw, it was very impressive. But of course, it’s a TV show. It may be based on a true case, but somebody wrote the script, and they included only what they wanted to include. I don’t know what’s been left out or embellished. I’m extremely skeptical, but I keep an open mind.

The story, as much as I remember, was about a child who had somehow gone missing around a body of water. The psychic they called in had some visions and then went out on a boat with the authorities and led them to the child, who was pretty much in a place that the psychic had described.
If it’s supposed to be presented as being scientific, they sort of damage their case by adding twisty, weird special effects to the visual any time they show what they psychic is visualizing.

It’s a TV show. Its purpose is to draw viewers and advertisers. Unless I went out and thoroughly investigated all the facts of the case myself, I wouldn’t come to any conclusions based on the contents of the show.

I was thinking about starting a Pit thread about this show when I saw the ads for it. Every time I think a once-respectable channel like A&E or The Learning Channel can’t sink any lower . . .

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South Park tonight just slammed on the whole psychic detective crap.

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