Coverbox of The Godfather Part II....??

I have looked and studied but I cannot figure it out. Who is on the coverbox of The Godfather Part II? Is it a young Vito (Robert De Niro) or Michael (Al Pacino)? It’s like one of those ink blots; I can see it both ways (maybe the artist wanted it that way, though…hmm…a thought).

Does anyone know? 'Cmon. With all the rabid Godfather fans on this board, SOMEONE must know.

Is this the cover you’re referring to?

Personally, I’d vote for Pacino.

It is indeed. The cover, I mean.

It is indeed Pacino. DeNiro’s Vito Coreleone never appears in a tux in GII.

OK, cool. I always thought of the possibility of De Niro, because Brando’s Vito Corleone does appear in a tux in the first coverbox, and I thought that the second one says, “This is about a younger Vito.” But it makes more sense for Pacino because it says, “New godfather.”