Covering the walls of a car wash?

In my gas station we have an enclosed car wash machine. The walls are covered with tiles, but they have broken in several places. The water has erroded the wall behind the broken parts so we are going to remove the old tiles, repair the walls and put new tiles.

But I was thinking maybe there’s an alternative to tiles? Something more durable, maybe synthetic?

My first thought was to check the prices on spray-on fiberglass. It conforms to the shape of your walls, it’s waterproof (think truck bed liners or one-piece shower stalls), and it won’t chip like tile. You will probably save money in the short- and medium- runs, but when the time comes to replace it, it will probably be more expensive to strip out than tiles would. Of course, that could be fifty years from now! By then, perhaps we’ll have nanites that can clean, restore, or simply devour fiberglass. I don’t know enough about the technology to recommend it, but you can certainly poke around and ask some questions.
…about the fiberglass, not the nanites. :smiley: