Covid and humidifiers

Sigh, so I have to get tested for covid, I found out today (and I tried to get it done today, but that’s a pit thread of its own).

My question is this;. Having recieved the humidifier I ordered (air is really dry in my house this winter, nosebleed dry), is a humidifier ok to use if I do end up testing positive? Neutral? Oh Ghod what sort of Evil, Inhumane, Demonic and Selfish Asshole am I?
Anyone know?

Nope, none of those. Next question?

Thank you Bippity🙂
Oh and here is a virtual :apple:
You know what they say…

I recently read that they are telling folks to use humidifiers to help avoid getting it. Once you have it, I don’t know the answer. I am now looking through all my boxes trying to find my humidifier. Last winter, I had nosebleeds from dryness. I don’t want that again.

Best of healing to you!

Low humidity causes potentially COVID-bearing airborne droplets to shrink, which increases their settling time. You should run the humidifier.

I’m running it regardless because before humidifier a 10 minute hot shower did little other than heat up the bath room and make the air feel slightly humid. Sleeping was a dental and health risk as I’d wake with mouth and throat bone dry, and I had to water the cactus every other day