COVID-Free Bubble Communities?

It probably won’t happen, but it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to do what the NBA is doing in Orlando, only for residents. It would be for people who don’t want to get infected by others being negligent, and probably for those who have money who agree along the same lines as the NBA.

You have all the essentials, plus luxury. Of course, you must agree to be tested every day, and not leave the area. Of course, if one decides they want to vacatio somewhere else, they have to quarantine for a week or two, and have a certain amount of negative tests before they can go free in this “bubble”…

We have a friend who has been in a retirement community (one large building with apartments) for a few years; you have to pay a lot of money to get in, plus a monthly “rent,” but I guess the deal is that they take care of you medically until you die, or something like that.

Their lockdown is literal. They are not allowed to leave the building (penalty, being kicked out and forfeiting their huge entrance fee) and they can’t have visitors. They have to order everything they want from outside, and it has to be delivered to the front desk before it goes to them. They are in a bubble for sure. It seems to be working for them, although our friend is chafing at the restrictions.

I know someone who is a Jehovah Witness and who lives on a campus like community, I don’t know exactly what to call it. But the deal for them is stay on campus, leave (for the duration) or if you do travel out and want to come back, discuss your plans, and if needed self quarantine on campus for 14 days.

For the start there was no church service except online, and none of that door to door stuff, but could do online chats with the non JW population. Since they are basically self isolated IDK if their church services has resumed in person.

If enough people moved into them, it wouldn’t matter if it was only the rich. The less people there are in gen pop, the slower this is going to spread. If I can run into the megamart with 100 other people instead of 125, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I completely agree… Also, you’ll have other people with means and ideas, low-cost bubbles… They might not have tennis courts and the top luxuries, but it would be nice for a lot of people who want to socialize (and maybe more) but who don’t want to get sick. And the more of these communities, the less the spread…

Schools are starting, and people forget that a lot of older people go to college, too. And then the temperature will get colder. While people I know in other countries cooperated and it’s almost behind them.

4% of the population, but 25% of the deaths…

What’s driving me nuts about school starting is all the people that keep saying that kids aren’t getting sick and the ones that are, are getting over it just fine.
While that may very well be the case, with hundreds of kids in the building, more will get sick, teachers will get sick, asymptomatic kids will pass it to their families, healthy kids will physically bring it home (ie touch a contaminated surface at school and the fridge handle as soon as they get home) etc. My guess is that any schools that open 100% in person, will close within a month or so.

I think all the ‘it’s just a flu’ people need a quick explanation about what cold and flu season is. It happens to coincide with fall and early winter, and many people believe that cold doesn’t actually make you sick. It’s that people are spending more time indoors, coupled with school starting (hundreds of kids in a building together for 40 hours a week). Anything you introduce into that setting is going to spread very rapidly.

It drives me nuts, too. Unfortunately, it’s not just a few people. One day we’ll hear about people refusing to wash their hands after taking a shit to please their political leaders.
I’ve never had a flu or fever in the summer, it’s always Fall/Winter… The immune system isn’t at full strength with such temperatures.

The big problem is that those who get sick by going to school are going to infect each of their families, letting out another domino effect.

If people would have just been smart for ONE month, this would have been over. China has 2 billion people, very dense cities, but they didn’t mess around.

That came out backwards. I meant to say that a lot of people think that the colder temperature is what makes you sick.

I, 100%, truly believe that when Trump said this would disappear when it got warm out, this is exactly what he was thinking. The cold makes people sick, therefore we’ll all get over this in summer when it gets warm out.

If Trump made up some reason that we have to cut back on water use and told us that there’s never been any proof that washing your hands after going to the bathroom makes any difference at all, I would put money on people, not only taking that advice, but actively promoting it as well. The same way many people aren’t just not wearing masks, they’re bragging about not wearing them.
At this point, even if I truly believed all the anti-mask rhetoric, I’d be embarrassed to be the only person not wearing one.
Just like if you don’t believe in washing your hands after going to the bathroom, you likely still do it at work so your co-workers don’t know you feel that way.

I think people who become fanatics of Trump (Or Biden, although it seems like his supporters are voting against Trump) lose their individuality, and feel it is THEY who are attacked, and so like a Pavlov dog when someone attacks Trump’s or what he says about masks, they take it personally, and go overboard (like the couple wearing a Nazi mask saying how wearing masks is fascistic).

Trump wasn’t going to wear a mask, but he didn’t have to bring it up out of nowhere. He could have said from the beginning (while wearing a mask) how “patriotic” it would be to wear a mask, and then his numbers would go up. Not just COVID, but the economy.

I always tell people who complain about local government, “Would you rather be on lockdown for a few weeks, or a few MONTHS?”

Not only that, but if asked, he could easily say he doesn’t wear it [pulls mask out of pocket to wave at the camera] when he’s talking to the press so they can hear and see him clearly and he makes sure to stay at least 6 feet away from everyone. I wouldn’t have any issue with that. Furthermore, he could simply refrain from rallies and factory tours for the time being. The problem is that he loves the spotlight way too much.
Now, I don’t know why he couldn’t simply transition to recommending a mask when everyone else did. Instead of digging his heels in for absolutely no reason over a really bizarre issue (masks), if he had, back in April/May, said ‘the experts are now recommending we wear masks and I encourage everyone to do so’…that statement alone, 3-4 months ago and we might be looking at pushing school off for another month and going back on a regular basis instead of whatever the hell we’re planning to do now.
The thing is, he’s going to die on this hill, if he had been pushing for people to wear masks, he’d be a fucking hero…well, not really, but he wouldn’t be actively damaging his chances at reelection.

But, we all know it’s all about him. Compare his tweets to Obama during the Ebola outbreak when the US had 12 sick (all but 2 recovered) and Trump was calling for Obama to apologize and resign vs Trumps ‘I take no responsibility’ attitude.

Right… And now, Trump is afraid of doing the right thing fearing it would make HIM look bad by pivoting.

I just saw the AXIOS interview (on YouTube in full, about 37 mins) and man, he’s so insecure. I would dare anyone to read the transcript.