is up and taking orders (site for free covid tests - program restarted dec 2022),)

I ordered our four free tests today, they are scheduled to be shipped around the end of this month.

Mods, I think this post should be here, but if you think it should be somewhere else so more folks can see it and order their tests, please move it.

I’ve got my order confirmation already. Only two of us, so the four should be more than enough.

I’ve heard that some different families living at the same address are having issues but considering the site is up earlier than expected, I’m guessing that issue will be fixed shortly. There are a LOT of apartments in the US.

I got a confirmation #. Not sure if I’m supposed to get a confirmation email. If so, it’s taking a little while.

I put my apartment number in the second line, below the street address. That might make a difference.

@JaneDoe42, thanks for making this post!

I placed my order, easy peasy. I’ve never taken a test and probably won’t need to very often except for plane travel, so the 4 they are sending should last awhile.

Another thank you here. Placed my order, and got my confirmation letter.

A home test isn’t going to work for plane travel, unless it’s one that is specially approved for the purpose - that involves an online video chat appointment to have the test supervised and validated. When I last traveled, these were approved by the U.S. authorities for re-entry to the U.S. (you could buy one and take it with you), but other countries will not accept them for outbound travel.

That’s how I did it. Hopefully didn’t mess up any of my neighbors. I have a nice email tucked into my Pending folder confirming my order has been received, but it was

Well, darn. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve been a virtual shut-in throughout this pandemic and have not traveled by plane since before it started.

At least I’ll have them to share with others who may need them.

Does four kits mean eight tests? The kits I’ve always bought had two tests, but I’m pretty sure I saw some that didn’t.

My understanding is that the recommendation is to test twice in any situation where you are symptomatic or five days after you think may have been exposed.

I’ve heard they might switch the testing standard to testing saliva, perhaps through a cheek swab rather than the nostril test. I hope so, as the nostril test is unpleasant.

My social life is also very limited but COVID is a sneaky bitch and I think we are all going to be exposed at one time or another. I have nasty seasonal allergies show many of the COVID symptoms so it will be good to know if it’s safe for me to go out or not.

The only things I’ve seen are the usual 3/4 inch in the nose test and the tonsil test. I would definitely judge the latter to be more uncomfortable. The nasal swap only goes up about as much as when someone picks their nose.

I accept this as true. My goal is to postpone my exposure for as long as possible. Vaccines become better, treatments become better, testing methods become better.

So far, so good. :slight_smile:

I got a confirmation number on the website, and then a confirmation email shortly after.

Did you fill out the email field on the order form? It was optional – all you have to give them is a name and mailing address. (Site says they’ll only send one kit per mailing address.)

I did end up getting the email (from USPS). It took 12 minutes. That’s an eternity these days!


Ordered our set. We have a small collection of tests already but we test before visiting anyone and if we find ourselves in close proximity to anyone we don’t know for a while.

Thanks, just ordered mine. Given all the anti-vaxxers at work and the fact that my family exposed me but didn’t bother to tell me for a couple of weeks I figure I’ll probably need one sooner or later.