I have COVID

I need testing.
I will get it today, if I can.
Runny nose, coughing strongly, mucus, dizzy & exhausted.
Hell-O Omicron
:frowning: .

I have COVID.

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D’oh! Results came back huh?

I wish you as speedy and as full of a recovery as humanly possible.

Sorry to hear that. I wish you a speedy recovery.

God, but I’m tired.

Sleep all you can. It helps. Don’t forget your fluids. Water and gatorade helped with my headaches.

You didn’t say whether you have been immunized. If you have, hopefully your course will be like that of a colleague of mine:
Tuesday: feeling bad
Wednesday: feeling wretched, got positive test
Thursday: Feeling a bit tired, that’s all

So, 36ish hours and he was nearby back to normal. I’m hoping yours works out to be as (comparatively) easy.

I’m home sick today. Thinking I may also have it. But it is passing so quickly, it is odd. I have prepared by taking supplements for months now. Dark winter here. Also aggressively gargled and nasal flushed with Betadine. Started aching last night, scratchy throat and a bit of nasal itching/sneezing. This morning, every inch of my body ached real bad. Headache. Weak. Stiff. But as of 16:00 my temp is going down. Aches have faded. Nose and throat not too bad. Very tired.
Could Omicron pass that quickly? Don’t have any self tests.

I’ve had my 3.
And I seem to be improving.
Isolated until Friday or Saturday, though/.

Work sent over a bunch of rapid tests a while ago. Ten minutes ago I tested positive. First try was a dud. Seems the test strip did not actually get wet. Second one went positive in about 1 minute.

So as Mama_Zappa mentioned, you can recover very fast. Been about 48 hours now and it is mostly cleared up. Only a slight throat irritation now.

But probably still infectious, so off work and home quarantine.

For background info. I am almost 65. Heavy smoker. Like a lot of rum and coke. Skinny. Had Moderna vaccine 5 months ago.

Strictly anecdotal based on vaccinated people I know getting Covid, but the answer seems to be yes - if you are vaxxed and boosted, chances are you’ll fight off Omicron pretty quickly.

Additional info on test I used.
It is made by Xiamen Boson Biotech. Has the foam ended stick that requires deep penetration into the nasal passage. A little bottle of solution that you add a few drops into a small tube. Remove the stick from your nose. Swish it around in the little tube. Add a few drops from the little tube into the test strip plastic receptacle and… nothing happened. Nothing at all.
So I tried it again. Did everything the same way. Second time the test strip immediately dramatically changed color, so I at least got it started right. Went from all white to a reddish color all over. Then started fading except for two distinct lines. One line shows that the testing fluid was detected, the second line will show if you have Covid nasties in your snot. Both lines were very clear.

Hope you are feeling better.

Getting there.
Coughing basically gone.
Nasal issues slacking.
No fever.
But I am run down.
And depressed.

Depressed in general or something specific happening now?

Just the blues.
And, well, I’m old, and single.
No real friends.
Hard to make em, when you are older.

Keep an eye out. Depression is one of the side effects of COVID. It can make you feel even more blue than you might already feel. I’m wrestling with that a bit myself. :confused:

If you’d like to hang out (virtually) with a bunch of chatterboxes, come on over to the MMP. We’re virtual friends, but we’re good folk.

Have you tried necromancy?

My official 5 day isolation is over.

Are your symptoms improving?