Who's Got it Now?

Started feeling shitty mid day Sunday. Was in bed by 7pm. Spent all day in bed Monday. Today I’d say I’m slightly better; can catch up on emails. My only symptom is the fever and the chills, aches, etc that go along with it. No respiratory issues at all.

Sorry to hear it and hope you feel better soon. Did you test positive?

Yes, test.

Get on Paxlovid.
It helps, I’ve heard this first hand.

So i just assumed it was covid, but two tests today were negative. Sorry bout that.

I still have an unpleasant fever, though.

I got a scratchy throat on Wednesday evening, it was still there on Thursday, and I suspected it was Covid as the symptoms matched my previous bout, so I took the day off work so as to not potentially infect anyone else. Thursday night was rough, I only got a couple of hours sleep, had some trouble breathing if I lay any way other than on my back, plus the scratchy throat really irritated.

Friday today. Definitely wise of me to take the days off, I am surely contagious. Should be fine to go back to work on Monday, but will be cautious, with diligent masking and distancing as much as possible.

Welp, just got a positive test. Started feeling vaguely unwell, like the early stages of a cold, in the middle of the afternoon, though not before I got my hair cut and got some frozen yogurt (both masked, though I did blow my nose quick in the yogurt shop so my mask wouldn’t get wet). I’m bummed and annoyed, especially since I went out to eat the past three nights. Warned the friends I was with; not sure if I should do that with any of the restaurants or stores, or how much good it would do.

Seconding this. I got a Paxlovid scrip within hours after testing positive, and it undoubtedly helped. (That said, I also was among the unlucky ones who got “Paxlovid rebound” – two weeks later, I relapsed, and it was worse than the original infection. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Was in Chicago this weekend. Had a little sore throat on the flight up, but chalked it up to dry airplane air. Was fine the rest of the time, so I stand by that assessment.
The guy next to me on the flight home was very figity, and kept wrapping himself in his sweatshirt like he was cold. Maybe he was sick? We landed Sunday night around midnight.
I’ve gone out to dinner twice and lunch once, so had a little close-up time with friends, but no one else is reporting being sick yet.

I had a really minor sore throat yesterday. Woke up today and it was a little worse, plus a little congestion. Been monitoring my temperature, and it’s slowly gone from 98 to 99, and has topped out at 100.1 so far. Back down around 99.5 right now, so I seem to be fluctuating in a fairly sane range so far. When I hit 100 I took a Covid test, and it came up positive.

I’ve had every shot I’ve been allowed to get. My last one was in the beginning of December, so I’m right around 6 months out from that. I also had one previous Covid case. I’m hopeful that all those lessons did their job, and my immune system does it’s thing pretty well. I’m in my early 50s with only minor issues (slightly elevated blood sugar, recently diagnosed thyroid nodule without further testing yet), so there’s a decent chance this won’t get much worse. I hope, at least!

Guess I’ll reschedule Father’s Day dinner, though. And Mom’s aide will have to take her to chemo on Monday, just to be extra safe.

So I started this thread when I assumed I had Covid, but turns out I did not. I had something else (fever for almost two weeks, ended up in the hospital; now fully resolved).

I just got back from a business trip to NYC and Toronto. Spent the entire time with some colleagues from our overseas office.

Just got a text that one of them has tested positive. Ugh. Now I’ll be paranoid for the next few days.