How Long Did you Hold out against Covid?

I tested positive two days ago.

Since the WHO declared the outbreak a pandemic on 11 March 2020, it means that I held out against Covid for 2 years, 4 months and 11 days. I must say that, being extra careful with the safety measures from day 1 and vaccinated, I thought that I’d make it through the pandemic without being infected. I’m a bit crossed, I admit. I’m not feeling bad, though. I’ve had colds that were far worse.

For the poll, only the first infection counts.

  • I was infected in March-April 2020
  • I was infected in May-September 2020
  • I was infected in October-December 2020
  • I was infected in January-June 2021
  • I was infected in July-December 2021
  • I was infected in January-July 2022
  • I was infected after July 2022

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I caught Covid on Jun 13 2022.

As I’m retired, I decided to get all vaccinations + boosters; rigorously self-isolate, wear a mask and keep my distance.
Jun 13 was the first time I went more than a mile from my house (it was a 90 mile trip to London to help guide elderly friends) and that’s when I got Covid.
Thankfully it was just a heavy cold and some lethargy - I’m now fine and clear on two recent tests.

I am required to get a PCR test every week and have been for over 2 years.

I have yet to get Covid.

Covid-free since 1994 (and before).

As far as I know, still Covid-free.

Just tested positive 3 days ago.

July 3, 2020 for me. That was before vaccines were available, even though I masked up and kept my distance from everybody. It was definitely worse than a cold for me, but fortunately non life-threatening.

I tested positive in January this year. My wife, working at a school, gets tested every week during the school year. She came home positive one day, and I thought I should therefore get tested as well. The symptoms were so mild I don’t think I would have attributed them to COVID if not for the testing.

Not yet.

Nothing yet for either of us. We’ve been pretty rigorous from the outset.

We remain COVID virgins.

It looks like two posters on this thread, Joe Biden and me made it to this week,

Mother-in-law got it at a conservative southern evangelical church, passed it on to her daughter (my wife) who passed it on to me.

I know other people that have had it. And I once had lunch with someone who a few days later tested positive, but no-one else at the lunch got it from him.

I’m not aware of having had it. It has been in our house via our own “typhoid mary” teenage son but we didn’t take particularly rigourous precautions when that happened and the rest of us didn’t get it.

To the best of my knowledge, I have never had it. This is of course not definitive, because the disease has such a high asymptomatic rate: It’s quite possible that I had it and just never had any symptoms, since unlike @pkbites , I haven’t been testing regularly (twice I had reason to test and came up negative, but that still leaves an awful lot of untested time). Doubtless, it helped that I was fairly early in the vaccination queue.

Come to think of it, the blood donation center is doing antibody tests on all donations-- I should probably take a look at my results.

As far as I know I’ve not been infected at all. I’ve never tested, though, never had a reason to. My daughter has had it twice and both times holed up here at home for several days, so I was all set to test the moment I showed any symptoms. But none appeared so I remain untested.

I’m not aware of having had it. It’s possible that I’ve had a very low symptomatic case, but I do take a test every now and then, usually before I visit my parents, and haven’t come up positive yet.

Not yet for either of us.

My wife caught it in March of 2022 but my daughter and I have both avoided it.

I tested positive for the first time this past Monday. I’ve been off work all week with symptoms akin to a very, very bad cold. Finally started feeling better this morning.

Both my kids have had it. So far, my wife has (apparently) escaped infection.