CPT Medical Procedure Codes

I just got an insurance bill for a recent medical procedure. The billing for the procedure was broken down into 5 separate codes. On one of these 5 codes, the entire $895 procedure cost was written off as an excluded charge by my insurance company.

I’ve been researching each of the procedure codes. After a bit of work, I’ve been able to hunt down each of the codes individually.

In my google-hunting, I found several places that would list the codes for one specific sub-specialty, but no overall list. Is there a single reference online which lists all the CPT codes?

Here’s a list (in a pdf file). It shows comparable HCPCS codes on the left.

Thanks, Mr. Blue Sky. But, actually, that list is incomplete as well — it ends before it gets to the 90000’s, whereas my procedure codes were in the 93600’s.

Is there a conspiracy to keep us from seeing all the procedure codes at one time?:wink:

It may be listed here.