Crack for Franklin Rex Pro

Need a password crack or bypass for a Franklin Rex Pro. would appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

What? No reset button on the bottom?

A Yahoo search would help here. Try ‘cracks’, and then search the sites for the game you want.

Um, isn’t this the sort of question that we don’t answer here? You know, questions asking for help in performing an illegal act? We don’t want to see the Straight Dope shut down for aiding and abetting criminal activity, now do we.

This isn’t illegal. All he wants is cheat codes, right? Those are very legal.

Seeing as I don’t know what a Franklin Rex Pro is, you may be right, Derleth. It just sounded to me like he wanted a crack to turn an unregistered version of a program into a “registered” version, which would, of course, be software piracy.

I’ve never seen cheats referred to as cracks, and Franklin Rex Pro doesn’t sound like a game.

I thought it was one of those little electronic organizers.
As a matter of fact, that’s just what it is.