Crack in the moon, anyone heard about this?

I was reading some old tumblr posts, and one was about a crack in the moon that was expanding. The post was from last fall, and I’m not finding anything more recent.

Anyone know any more about it?

There was these reports -

As long as this doesn’t happen:

Or this:

I’m glad I’m retired, because my understanding is that the moon is creating longer days. As the moon siphons off energy from the earth’s rotation, it’s pulling father and farther away. Our days are getting longer. The moon is getting ever farther away into a higher orbit as it robs the earth of rotational energy. The moon is receding at the rate of almost 3 centimeters a year, so that our days are getting longer by about 1.8 milliseconds every century due to the energy lost to the moon’s higher orbit. I say it’s time we all need to write a firm letter of complaint to our national newspapers.

But if you do that, you’ll waste all the extra time. I’d much rather spend it doing retiree stuff like staring into space, walking slowly, annoying strangers with pointless conversation, etc.

Isn’t that why we’re all here?

Omigosh, I’m a natural!

And here I was worried about not having skills…

Everybody’s good at something. Me? I’m a bad example! :slight_smile:

Every time I’ve been mooned I’ve seen a crack.

Or this:

Bad news for you two. Neither of you are strangers any more.

P-Man beat me to it but I have to ask, are you sure this crack in the moon business isn’t a butt-joke? I’m afraid to click the link

Well, as long as there isn’t a runaway planet passing between the Earth and the Moon…