Crack in the World!

You’ll Thank God It’s Only a Motion Picture!

Maybe not.

“Earthquakes! Tidal waves! Mass destruction on an apocalyptic scale!”

But Algore told us all the problems had been solved!



If they let him go, he’ll just turn into a Bond Villain, & threaten the world with induced seisomolgical blackmail!

Or, go work for Cobra Commander.


Between this, & the minaret ban, it seems Silly Season has come to the Alps.

OMG! *Crack in the World *was my favorite sci-fi movie EVAR when I was a kid. I am so happy to know that it wasn’t fiction – it was clairvoyance!

3.4 on the Richter scale. Pfft, grow a pair Switzerland!

Crack is a helluva drug.

Why on earth do they think it was intentional? Negligence I could see, but what motive would he have to ruin any chance of his experiment being a success?