CRACK! SNAP!! Sounds of an ice Storms

An ice storm hit the midwest and midsouth yesterday and today and all I have heard from outside is the limbs breaking and ice, wood, and pine needles cascading through the branches. It has really spooked my bulldog.

My neighbor has lost a Bradford Pear, and my pine tree and lost several large limbs plus other trees are getting thinned out pretty good. It is too treacherous to walk around the neighborhood to see the damage.

We got about 3 inches of ice here in SE MO and more is expected tonight. Power has flickered on/off several times but nothing major. Hopefully that will be it.

Anyone else enduring this miserable storm. Snow is one thing but ice really sucks. Although the cedar tree in my yard looks like a xmas tree with lots of tinsel.

Also the sound of my ankle once.

I slipped on ice.

Duke Energy is predicting that this could be “the worst ice storm ever” in the Cincinnati area in the Cincinnati Enquirer, with the potential for massive power outages due to downed power lines. And this on the heels of the near-hurricane like winds we suffered from Hurricane Ike in September last year that knocked out power to undreds of thousands of people for a week!

Spoke too soon, big tree limb fell on my shed tonight. Looks to be totalled. I’ll see if anything is salvagable tomorrow in the daylight.

This is definitely the worst ice storm I’ve ever seen here in Elizabethtown, Ky (granted, I’m young and haven’t been paying attention to the weather for many years). Everything that hasn’t been adequately plowed and salted is completely covered in a solid glaze of ice. It’s a really strange feeling to be able to walk across my front yard on a solid sheet of ice without hearing the familiar crunch of snow and sleet.

Standing on my front porch, I can hear a chorus of breaking branches off in the distance. It’s a wonder we’ve maintained power through all of this, as the power lines running to our house are encased in at least a half inch of ice.

It’s supposed to warm up to about 34-35 for a few hours during the night, so that’s a welcome reprieve. Then it’s back below freezing again and I’m sure we’ll be dealing with the same problem tomorrow.

I hope everybody’s dealing with this storm okay without too much damage. And I hope our friends in the Northeast / Atlantic Seaboard are taking precautionary measures. This one’s a doozy.

It’s pretty messy here in Lexington but I’ve seen worse. I got off work at 3 a.m. and it’s still raining. Some of the trees at the hospital are bent double, lying on the ground. Still, the main roads aren’t too bad. I really wish I had a garage though.

Back sometime in the 90s there was a massive ice storm that shut down all the interstates for several days. I was stuck for a week (in E-town no less) and had to use up all my vacation leave. When I finally could get on the BG highway back to Lexington it took me over three hours to drive 90 miles. Everywhere you went in the state that summer you saw snapped-off tree remnants and permanently bent evergreens.

My parents, who live in Lexington Ky, still have power but say that Danville and Georgetown don’t. They are blocked in their driveway by a fallen honeysuckle bush–my brother is supposed to arrive with his chainsaw and take a whack at it today.

Ice storms cause so much damage, but man are they pretty. Sorry for all the hardship you’re going through, but… got any pictures?

Do you have an actual coating of ice 3 inches thick on everything? I know at over an inch thick everything starts collapsing. You see the damage over a decade later. All you people in this ice storm have my sympathy. Anybody in an ice storm that lays down a thick layer has my sympathy. Bundle up and don’t go under trees and power lines.

Louisville had 0.75" of ice overnight, plus 3-4" of snow in 2 hours ~9:00am. We were awake a good part of the night listening to our neighbor’s poorly kept trees breaking one limb at a time, two of which hit our house. Walking under trees this morning was a safety hazard. It is pretty when the sun shines, but the damage is nearly the same as the windstorm (remnants of hurricane Ike in conjunction with pressure-gradient winds) we had in September.


We have been on the south edge of it here in central Arkansas.
Daughters in the N/W corner of the state are having it worse but not as bad as Southern Missouri. We have had t power failures and 8 hours was the longest. Some tree damage but it could have been much worse if we were 75 miles farther north. Good luck to all.

Oh, SIL went out and promptly pulled a limb back and it came down on his head. Blood and back in the house we heard. Not too serious but it drove home what Mama had been telling them.

Pretty bad in eastern Shelby County, Ky. Our power’s been out for 36 hours now. Inch to an inch and a half of ice on the trees. We’ve lost some big branches and maybe more – haven’t been able to survey the whole property yet since we aren’t staying at the unheated home.

The windstorm in September hit us pretty hard too. Lost a tree that day. Watched it fall, which was pretty cool/weird.

Here in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, which is something of a Louisville exurb, we’ve lost 9 trees just in our yard. The good news is that the power came back on aftrer only 3 hours - but some people could be out for many days.

My internet went out not 30 minutes after I made my last post. Our electricity went out for 3 hours today, but we’ve been lucky in that regard. We’ve got friends from across town staying with us since their electricity has been out for a couple of days. They’re talking like it could take a week to fully restore service in the area.

I was able to drive through a neighborhood yesterday that had a lot of trees and it looked like a bomb had gone off. There were tree limbs everywhere. The trees are going to look awful funny come springtime. I will say that the road crews have done an excellent job keeping the main roads ice free and limbs out of the way. A lot of guys have put in long hours to make this situation much less bad than it could be.

Did it sound like gunshots, notfrommensa? Most of New England escaped this round of icestorms, but the one we had December 11th caused a whole lot of damage and there are still broken trees all over the place. Being only insane enough to go to a concert that night, but not enough to drive 1.5 hours home, I spent the night at a friend’s house during that storm. All night long it sounded like shotguns going off, but it was trees in the neighborhood giving out under the weight of ice; it was easy to hear because there was no power, of course.

There were dozens of trees that had fallen victim to the ice. Except, we discovered the next morning, the two trees that had been struck by lightning. Those were broken and scorched black. It didn’t really surprise us too much because we’d seen two distant power transformers blowing up after being hit by lightning the night before.

We got two inches of sleet followed by eight inches of snow on Wednesday, but dodged the ice storm that hit parts of Missouri farther south. I made my way out for the first time today, and picked up some groceries. Got home and…now my truck is stuck in my driveway. :smack: At least it’s completely on the driveway, and it got stuck after I went to the store. If the weatherman is right, I should be able to get it moving again on Sunday. Heh.

I remember that storm, too. I was stuck at work for about a week: they called all of us and said, “If you can come in, get here. Bring your clothes. We’ll feed you, give you a room, everything.” So I did. A week at the Radisson Plaza. Got a lot of hours in, and stayed in a nice hotel for a week. I also remember the Governor limited interstate traffic to emergency personnel, and they were arresting non-emergency people. First time that ever happened.

I’m originally from Danville, and have been following the news on their website. It’s nasty there. They lost water at one point because the electricity to the water plant was cut off.

There are some nice pictures on the Danville paper’s website:

Just after I made my last post, I lost power for 67 hours. Jeez, I am so dependent on electricity. Fortunately my Girlfriend had a gas log in her fireplace and we could keep warm.

We had 3" of ice and thne 3 inches of snow and it stayed cold. Power company told us a 4 pm today that if we didn’t get power back within a hour we wouldn’t get power for 5 days. Things weren;t looking very good at 5:30 pm when power was restored. Wheeww.

What a mess. So glad to be home, to be with power, and TV, and computer and internet.

Richmond (KY) here… we lost power at 7:00 am Tuesday morning and STILL don’t have any! Luckily, some parts of the city have been restored–i.e., where I’m staying tonight–but much of Richmond is still in the dark. As of 7:00 pm (when I said “fuck it, let’s stay with someone with electricity!”), my house was down to 38 degrees, and we’re looking at forecast overnight lows of 16. I hope, hope, hope I have electricity (and unbusted pipes!) when I check on things in the morning.