Cracked bearing beams under house

I have two questions that I would like some advice.

My house is 29 years old. Some cracks in the dry wall both downstairs and upstairs and a door that does not shut upstairs have been part of the house for 15 years. I noticed the bearing beam (6" x 6" x 14 feet), that correlates to the cracks and the door, has longitudinal cracks in it. Could this be the problem? Or is this normal?

I could not figure out how to attach photos on the forum :confused:

Also the floors squeek a lot on the second floor. The second floor is carpeted and I installed a front end washer 2 years ago. You can sense the washer when it goes to centrifuge mode. The washer was rated for 2nd floor use, but… Are the squeeky floors normal and just need to be screwed tight?


is the floor over the cracked beam sinking? Is it lower than the floor around it?

When the second floor was originally laid down, it should have been glued and screwed to the joists. Obviously, someone took a shortcut and just nailed it down. As the wood dries out over the years, the nails loosen their hold. Only way to solve the problem permanently is to screw the floor down when you replace the carpet.

Regarding the first floor - try dropping some marbles in different spots. See where they roll. If they all end up in the same area, you got some serious settling issues. Unless you’re comfortable jacking up houses and replacing carrying beams, call in a professional.

beams and be jacked up, reinforced and provided additional support. cracking might occur without consequence but movement is bad.

you need a framing contractor.

A 6 inch wide beam seems way too small for a 14 foot span so that could most likely be your problem . I work in new construction and beams of that length are usually made up of 2 x 12’s.