When I was a child(a mere 45 or 50 years ago!) You could go to the corner Mom and Pop grocery and get crackerjacks for a dime a box. Yeah they used to come in a box kids( It had a place to put your thumb and tear off the perforated top.)

Inside the box was all the goodness that a youngster needed to go into a complete sugar rush!

Also inside was a PRIZE! It might be a secret decoder ring, or a magnifying glass, or ANY kind of small toy that would now be banned because any number of these would nowdays could cause children to choke and die. I am sure that prolly happened enough that now you can’t get cool toys from crackerjack anymore.

Before you jump on me for being insensitive I TRUELY understand that it happened for good reason!

My question is what is your best memories of crackerjacks? The prizes? The taste? The cool whistle that went zzzzzZZZZZZzzzz when you blew on it?

My favorite prizes were the little tiny t.v. screens with the pictures that moved when you wiggle it back and forth. The last time I got crackerjacks, all the prizes were stickers.
If they don’t come in a box anymore, what do they come in?

I bought some yesterday. They were in a kevlar bag.(At least it seemed so,had to get out my knife to open the package!)

I can live without the cardboard boxes, but the poor quality prizes have to stop! Even the stickers were cool in the eighties, but now, the prizes just look cheap, thoughtless, and thrown together. Maybe I should start a petition to put an end to all of this…:slight_smile:

Tomi Ami did the same thing. Use to have little toys like cheap plastic cars and funny shaped erasers and now it’s all stickers.

I can’t recall any specific great toys but I do not that picking up a couple boxes and giving one to my sister and me bought enough time for my mom to go into the store grocery shopping while we waited out by the car. In Hilo in 1980 this was no big deal.

Actually I can remember one now. I got a shark shaped eraser. It looked really cool.