Crafty dopers, help me wire some lights into my wedding bouquet. wedding ideas?

I am fairly decent at crafts, and I had an idea, I am working on the bouquet for my wedding, I was to wire some little lights, like Christmas lights into my bouquet, in the center of some of the flowers(silk flowers) so it will give the bouquet a soft glow. Is this something that can be done? I have all the time in the world to work on this project. Any Ideas? could I get tiny flashlights and do the same?(wow that sounds dumber and dumber)

They make littlestrings of battery-operated lights that you could probably work in, but the battery pack tends to be pretty bulky and that could be awkward to hide. You could probably strap it to the underside of your holder and hide it with a lot of trailing greenery and ribbons, though. The strings are all over the place this time of year; a lot of people use them for lighted wreaths and such.

awesome!:smiley: I have never seen them, and I really don’t celebrate Christmas, so I am not really up on little lights. Where can you find them? Like a Craft Store?

Walgreens or Osco

You can get them at any craft store, or at Walmart, or just about anywhere. I’ve even gotten them at Big Lots before.

Argh! That’ll teach me to preview.

Walgreens and Osco both carry these for the holidays. They are cheap at about $3 when on sale.

Buy 1/2 dozen and they can be the basis for your next Halloween costume - a galaxy.

Do I really want to give advice on illumination to someone named "Deadly Nightlight’? Sure, why not?

One option you might consider is the fiber optic bouquet. Fer example: (Which is just proof that no matter how wacky an idea you might have, someone will have come up with it before you.) They have all varieties of fiber optics, so you can pretty much design anything you want. The nice thing about the fiber optic approach is that you have one light source and can direct it anyway you want.

You might also consider LED lights instead of incandescent, because they’ll require less power. However incandescent lights will generate a “warmer” light, which might be something to consider, especially for the photographs.

Finagle’s suggestions are the best, IMHO. LEDs are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Two good sources of this type of electronica are Allied Electronics: and MCM Electronics:

Once you’ve determined how many lights you’re going to use, and how long you need it to operate, then matching it to an appropriate battery is as easy as doing the math.

thanks :smiley: I will have to post picures of my attemps in the future, if nothing else it can be a valiant effort!

I couldn’t open the link from Finagle, so apologies if this idea is mentioned there … but it strikes me you could do this very inexpensively with something like this - they work out at around $2 apiece.

Julie :slight_smile:

I think just white LEDs would be quite good (multi colours might look cheesy; the smaller the better (I think you can get 3mm ones or if you’re feeling really brave, you could get some that are intended for surface mounting and solder them inline with some fine wire to make a sort of filigree).

If you’re using 3 or 5mm LEDS, rough the epoxy casing over with some fine abrasive to diffuse the light.

LEDs are really BRIGHT!
I used a string of battery powered lights from the craft store Beverly’s for a project I did. I should think that the green wires would be easy to disguise, but the battery pack would be more difficult.

You may have to do some searching, but you may be able to find t-shirt lights in a sewing or craft store. They use the same kind of little flat batteries as hearing aids and watches, and the battery pack is considerably smaller than the lights you’d use for a floral centerpiece. It’s been awhile, but my mother-in-law (bless her weird little brain) once used these to illuminate a holiday sweatshirt with a reindeer tangled in Christmas lights on it. The little battery pack was nearly flat, about the size of a credit card, and fit into a tiny pocket she sewed inside the sweatshirt.

That sounds like a really great and original idea. I have no idea about lights, I just dropped in to compliment your ingenuity.

Thanks alot, I have been looking over the websites, and I am not quite sure what I am going to do yet but I will update, and Thanks MALA, I just thought it would be pretty neat:D

Hmmm…maybe you can get a light-up dress while your at it. This shows illuminated bouquets too, but I think a softer glow is what you’re after.