Crafty Dopers - pictures of what you made for presents

Okay, so my parents do Christmas tonight, and I have to be over there at 4, and I JUST FINISHED my mom’s scarf. Ran out of yarn (WAY out) and decided to do a contrasting last row instead of giving her a scarf that still had a crochet hook in it. I made scarves for both parents - I think they turned out nice. Here’s a mediocre picture - the colors are much richer in person.

What did you make? How did it turn out? Pictures?

For my co-workers, I made tie pins for the guys (no pic) and these earrings for the gals.

I was going to use these doo dads for the tie pins but I stupidly did not look closely enough at how the pins worked. I think I’ll turn them into earrings.

Those are really cute earrings!

Candied Bacon care packages, and
infused vodkas, Bacon Vodka, Cucumber Vodka, Orange Peel Vodka, and Smoked Sundried Tomato Vodka.

the sundried and bacon are kinda the same thing, both are amazing in a bloody Mary

I made some stuff and will post photos tomorrow… this post is to remind me!

I’d have to dig 'em up again, but I’ve still got some scans of those earrings I made a couple of years ago…that I carved out of a meteor.

Some of these were gifts: