Craigslist: Best thing to do in this situation?

I have some livestock for sale on Craigslist right now. I put the ad up last night and have had 10+ people respond. One guy was super insistent (I want it! Can I come out this minute/this hour/today) and I told him he could come out tommorow, but that it was first come, first serve.

This afternoon a more promising candidate has appeared. They will be here in an hour. They have experiance with the species and I have a better feeling about them then I do about Insistent Man. Note: No many has changed hands.

How do I tell Insistant Man that the goats are gone without sounding like a jerk?

Just tell him you’re sorry, but you couldn’t do it yesterday, and somebody else beat him to it today.

The real problem is if he shows up first. :slight_smile: