Craigslist deal thoughts

I had some old BMW wheels that I sold someone on Craigslist recently. They were in rough shape, but they’re rare because the model wasn’t sold in the US - I had them shipped here from Europe years ago. Because of the condition, I gave the seller a great deal - based on the e-mails I keep receiving about them, I could have easily gotten more money. I under-estimated demand, but that was my tough luck.

He’s now contacted me saying he’s found a small dent in one of them, despite the two of us looking them over when he picked them up. My response was that he got a great deal and they were sold as-is, but if he doesn’t like the condition just bring them back and I’ll give him a full refund. Here’s our impasse - he wants me to pay to fix the wheel, period.

I know his dilemma - he likes them and he won’t find a set of them locally again, ever. We both know if he brings them back, someone else will pay exactly what he paid for them, even with the small dent he found highlighted in the next CL ad. They’ll just have it fixed when they have them refinished, and they will still come out ahead compared to what they go for elsewhere. In finding the dent he likely felt screwed by me, but passing on the wheels will have him kicking himself. He’s been nagging me about fixing it, but I’m unsympathetic - offering a refund is above and beyond for CL deals, considering I watched him check the wheels before he took them.

In my last e-mail, I told him he’s got 2 days to take it or leave it on the full refund, after which I’m blocking his calls and e-mails, considering myself done with this. Opinions?

I think you’ve nailed the right response here. You have zero obligation to pay for any repairs.

Depending on what you think you could get for them by putting them up for sale again, maybe even offer him a slight increase on what he paid - would that either a) get him to shut up or b) get you the tires back to make a profit?

IMHO Craigslist is as-is. If you don’t like that then shop on eBay.

You are being reasonable, and you should not change your position. If he’s not happy with the deal, you offered a full refund. That’s more than reasonable.

You are being more-than-you-have-to-be-reasonable as a matter of fact. CL is as-is where-is. Once he inspected the wheels, handed over the money and drove away they are now his to do with what he pleases. Assuming they are an aluminum alloy, there are dozens of wheel repair companies that can handle a small dent for a small fee. If they are magnesium, that gets a little trickier, but still can be done by the right guy. Sounds like he got them for a fair price, even if one wheel is slightly damaged.

In addition, how can you be sure HE didn’t damage the wheel himself? A drop as he removed the wheels from his trunk would easily damage an older alloy wheel.

When buying used, as-is, the time to negotiate is before the sale. Your offer seems more than fair to me.

The deal is done. If you take them back, give the clown a refund, and try to re-sell them, he might be able to start a flagging campaign to get your ad bounced off and then you might be stuck with them. I’ve seen all kinds of lunacy on CL. You have gone WAY above and beyond. A reasonable adult knows the ins and outs of Craigslist deals.

Offering a full refund is more than fair. You gave him the full benefit of the doubt for a flaw that may or may not have been there when he inspected the tires. Neither of you saw it at that time.

He is out of line for trying to negotiate at this point. The deal is done.

I think you’re being more than generous, and the guy is trying to take advantage of you. I sold 5 Canyon wheels (Jeep TJ premium aluminum wheel) on Craigslist last spring for $100 bucks. A couple of them were pretty rough, and when the guy came to pick them up he sort of raised his eyebrows, but he took them. It was a great deal, rough or not.

I use my Winston Smith email address for all my craigslist transactions, try really hard not to give out my phone number, and NEVER have people come to my home.

That guy is crazy. You are being beyond generous to allow a full refund.

Resolved. I’m such a chump sometimes. My ultimatum about a full refund forced the truth from him - he can’t give the wheels back, as he already had them fixed. (I’m betting the dent was so slight it took the repairer to notice when neither of us did). Since the damage didn’t bother him enough to prevent him spending another couple hundred having them fixed before telling me, I’m not worrying about it.