Craigslist for New York City Apts

Anybody ever use to find an apartment in New York City? What were your experiences with it? At what time of day did you generally go through their lists? What kind of ads caught your attention??

Does anyone need a New York apartment? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Since you’re looking for advice and personal experiences rather than straight facts, I’ll move this thread to the IMHO forum.

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I found both my NYC apartments through the real-estate listings on They let you search by neighborhood and price range, and many of the ads have photos. Very useful, IMHO.

Were most of these ads fee or no fee?

Oh, and I am a new real estate agent here in New York City, and my company charges a fee. I am trying to drum up some clients, and was wondering if any of you fellow dopers have any unique ideas in how to do so, or if any of you have first-hand experience in doing so and can give me any pointers. I desperately need the work. I’ve tried the “friends and acquaintences” route, and will be placing an ad in the New York Times and maybe the Village Voice next week. But I can’t wait until then. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you primarily a selling agent, or an apartment leasing agent?

Yep, we found our apt. on Found about 20 other apartments that we looked at on as well. I liked that I was able to filter out the apartments with broker fees, search by specific neighborhood, and refine by price range. As for the ads themselves, I liked the ones with bullet points rather than a long boring narrative. Also, if there weren’t any photos posted, I didn’t bother. Does that help?

Strangely enough a friend of mine is looking for one. And she is actually a fiddle player…

She’s both picky and broke, though.


I’ve actually used craigslist to find both of my apartments in NYC. Good experiences both times.

I went through the lists at all times of the day - there seem to be a thouand new posts all the time. Ads that caught my attention were always based on the area I wanted to move to (Upper East Side, now) and price range.

I used craigslist to find my NYC apartment last year. No fees, listed directly by the landlord, went very smoothly. I’d recommend it to anyone!