Craigslist sucks

I have an ad on Craigslist for 66 piece lot of clothing. I searched Craiglist for clothing ads before I posted my ad and most were so crapping I can’t imagine that those people sold anything. No pictures, terrible descriptions etc.


Ad = I have two pairs of old crappy blue jeans for $10 each. Contact me.
So I went out of my to document each piece with the clothing label and sizes. I posted four pictures on Craigslist and created a photobucket page with more than twenty additional photos. I thought that $120 was a fair price and figured I would get a request to except $100 which I would have done.

I even pondered putting them on ebay put I did not want to hassle of listing the items in small groups and the shipping hassle. I could not list the entire lot as the shipping would be higher than what I was asking for the items. Four garage bags it way to much to ship.

The first person to reply asked if I will sell just certain pieces, which I don’t want to do. That would require for me to place a new ad and take new pictures.

I had two people send me an email inquiring if I still had the items. Both times I replied that I did and never heard from them again.

Why the heck do people ask if they are not interested in buying?

The same is true for sellers that I have sent an email to asking if the item was still available and I got no response. If the item has sold then a quick “it was sold” reply is all I need.

Now I am at the point of thinking of posting them on ebay with a local pick up only but I am not sure how that will go and I will probably get a crap load of “Are you willing to ship the items?” emails.

Whoa there, tiger. One would think that a simple nonresponse would tell you that an item is no longer available. On Craigslist I also routinely ask questions of sellers attempting to change their arrangement for sale. You want to sell something one way and I give you my offer. My people call it haggling.

I understand the non-response means it was most likely sold but I wish they would remove the darn ad. I see the ad, I send an email and nothing but the ad remains there for weeks.

I have to wonder did they get my email? did it go in their junk folder?

We sold a truck on Craigslist and I removed the ad right after the sale. I had one email that was sent before I deleted the ad and I took the 10 seconds to reply that it had been sold.

I don’t mind people haggling and I answered the person politely that I did not want to break up the lot. It was a fair question.

But why ask if I still have the items and then when I say that I do they never respond back.

I guess people have the right to change their minds and maybe the responses were just to get first dibs in case they wanted them but changed their minds later.

It is frustrating to think someone wants to buy and then poof they are gone. I would make a horrible car salesman :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that you may rest assured that you are a more responsible craigslist seller than most. I was initially annoyed by ads that wer left up after the item was sold but resigned myself to the slackness of others.

As to the lack of continued interest, many people find that they lack the finances to continue a transaction or find a better deal on an item elsewhere.

Perhaps your association with the SDMB has led you to expect more fulfilling online interactions?

Perhaps you are right.

I guess the title should have been “Some Craigslist buyers and sellers SUCK!”

I just don’t get posting a crappy ad. No pictures and a shoddy description at best and they think their grandmothers china is going to sell for $14,321.16 FIRM!

I can only assume that the buyer is as stupid as the seller for even replying to some of those types of ads.

What you may fail to realize is that some of us would prefer a stupid seller. If they take no time to create an ad and fail to spell anythign right there is a chance that they know not the value of the item in question. A perfectly well done ad with pictures and information can be a tip off of a not so good deal.