Crap, a hot Calphalon pan hit a Hefty slider bag

And now I have a big blue bunch of glop melted onto the bottom… I cannot seem to get it off. It touched the slider thingie.

Any ideas? Barkeepers didn’t help and I don’t know where to go from here.

Freeze it and see if it will chip off, or heat it with a candle to see if you can re-melt and then wipe off?

Give this a try. It’s made by Calphalon and it’s meant to clean the outside of the pans.

This just happened to us bit it was a Zip-loc bag. Heat up some water to a boil and then slowly pour over the melted plastic. This should heat the plastic up enough to to wipe it away with a towel.

Freezing it should also work.

I have some if this. If barkeepers didn’t work, I don’t think this will at all. I found this product to be an overall waste of money.

Put it on an outdoor barbecue grill then next time you barbecue AFTER you have finishing the main cooking, but the coals are still hot. The plastic will melt off and drop onto the coals. Use e steel scrub pad and a paint scraper while the plastic is still soft to remove the remains of the plastic. Being outdoors will let the plastic burn off without generating a toxic cloud of burned plastic indoors.

If all else fails, try a lye-based oven cleaner.

Good to know. I have only used it for spiffing up the outside, not for actual cleaning off gunk.

I remember quite a few toaster ovens that bore the imprint of a Wonder Bread bag on their top surface for decades. I think what we have in this situation is the closest thing to hot-film lamination, which is an incredibly durable surface treatment.

Put it in the oven at 275-300 and scrape with a sharpened bamboo spatula. Repeat.

Do NOT do this unless you want to destroy the pan’s surface. Lye and aluminum do not get along well.

Perfect, all gone, thanks!!!