Crap... crap... crap... crap... crap... crap...

BBC1 - boring war talk… BBC2 boring foreign language programme… ITV boring war talk… channel 4 boring program about marketing… music channel - consistently crap music … SDMB no change, no new interesting posts, same boring, sometimes vulgar (“so I’m sucking my husband’s dick”. Like I fucking wanted to hear that!) posts

(Crap… crap… crap… crap… crap… crap…)

Sorry, but I am soo fucking bored, and there’s nothing else I can be doing.
I am falling asleep (and I’m at work so I can’t go to sleep), I am itching in stupid fucking places, my stupid stupid restless right leg won’t stop trying to move, the minute hand is moving one fucking milimetre every hour, I have a FUCKING STUPID COUGH-COLD THAT WON’T RELENT! There’s shite on TV, the sdmb is not changing, and I am as hungry as a fucking tramp salivating at a mcdonalds window!

(the only thing keeping me sane is the occasional babe on

Wow! You’re having a really bad day. I’m sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel any better (and I know it won’t, but I’m following the form, here…sorry), it’s no better, here. I’ve got something like 80 channels to choose from, and it’s all crap. Maybe we all need a Scottish channel. (I’ it’s noot Scottish, i’s all crrrraap! I can’t remember where that’s from, but I like it.)

FWIW, I have a hard time finding topics that are more than mildly interesting, too. Luckily for me, I enjoy the sex threads. But, seriously, what would you like to see, here? I have a hard time coming up with topics, but maybe if you get me started thinking about something, a topic will occur to me?

Piss on This.

Hey, I’m tryin’…

All of the best threads have already been done (well I would enjoy a thread where people tell how great they think Lobsang is, and about the favours they’d like to do him)
This isn’t really an anti-SDMB rant so much as an anti-the-day-I-am-having rant. Sure the sdmb can be boring at times (this is one of those times) but other times it is great. Quality not quantity.

I am ok, because once I get out of this place I can go down the road, have a damn good fry up, go home, and hit the sack and sleep like a baby.

I was doing well until I took my eyes off the damn toilet to look at the score.

That’ll teach ya.

Damn thing crashed my browser. Pity, too, since I’m in the proper state of mine to enjoy it (i.e. drunk).

Mike Myers on Saturday Night Live.
You’re welcome…


Crashed mine too…dammit:mad:

I cannot make any response to this thread solely because of its incredibly wonderful title.

I can relate to you, I am doomed to a miserable day on the couch at home, coughing and sneezing my head off…

Nothing on TV, nothing on the SDMB, NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO and I can’t even concentrate on a book because my head is swimming and I think I have a fever…oooh…

My coffee tastes like crap, too. That’s what a stuffy nose does to you. (And no, I don’t know what crap tastes like. Wiseass.*)

  • Pre-Insulting future posters. It’s a new trend.

Wow, sorry, folks. I haven’t had browser problems with it nor heard of any until now. I’m using IE 6.0, which is evidently good for something, at least.

Reading the title to this thread, all I can think of is the Monty Python Spam bit…spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…