Crapping with crappies behind you, or the new Fish N' Flush tank

Do you long for Mike Nelson of Sea Hunt making his way around the tank while you’re doing nature’s business? Then you need Fish n Flush! Be a grouper pooper, a flounder flusher, and whatever extreme combinations dopers will add to this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! We have 6 aquariums in our house at the moment, none smaller than the 20 gallon that currently resides in the bathroom.
This is SO cool! I love the idea!

You’re one of those persons that pronounce crappies wrong, aren’t you.

Mike Nelson? Was THAT the name of Lloyd Bridges’ character? Because when I read the OP, my first thought was "No, you don’t mean Mike – you mean Joel. HE’s the one with the wacky Invention Exchange, which this sounds straight out of.

“So that’s it, the Fish Toilet Tank. What do you think, sirs?”

“What do I think, Joel? Fish Flops? We’ve got something better than that. Frank, bring out the cow…”

I think an aquarium in the bathroom would be nice. One of my bathrooms has a fish theme so it would be perfect. I’d just feel sorry for the fishies, because the view wouldn’t be too great for them.

I hate things like this. Some bastard is going to use it as a tarantula house or something.

I see a big problem. The fish tank water would get extremely cold at times, because the toilet bowl water would come in ice cold, and chill down the aquarium. I checked the water in winter at a tap and it was around 40F from the municipal water supply.

Yep, that was Mike Nelson. He, along with Lincoln Vale of the Everglades and the pair Chuck Martin and P.T. Moore from Whirlybirds were my early TV faves. Og yes, I’m that old. :smiley: