Crappy news stories thats are mostly links

Has anybody else noticed the rise of internet news stories that are like this?

Headline: Crazy Thing Happens on Cruise Ship!

Okay, I’ll bite. Sounds interesting . So I click on it. Here’s the news story.

You won’t believe what crazy thing happened on a cruise ship! (click here to find out on what ship it happened on). What crazy thing? (click here to find out what thing specific thing actually happened). It happened while the ship was traveling from here (click here to find out where it left) to here (click here to find where it was going). And guess who was there?! (click here to find out what famous dispshit was present). Cruise line company X (click here to find out which one) say this has never happened before (but click here to see some other thing that have happened that are similiar). Officials (click here to see who) say the company could be fined (click here to see how much) for breaking law X (click here to see which law). A number of people were hurt (click here to see how many) and airlifted (click here to see how) to city Y (click here to see which city). Emergency response teams said it was quite challenging (click here to see how and why).
Fuck! Tell me one actual significant fracking detail without having to click on a link to find out more (or anything for that matter).

I exaggerate a little but I think I detect a trend in this direction. Though I have had few bad days lately and I’ve been a bit cranky and this might be mostly in my irritated imagination.

Heh, yeah actually I have run across a few of those. The most recent was one about zany diets of Olympic athletes, but you had to click another link to actually see what they ate. I rarely ever bother because my laziness extends to not even slightly moving my fingers to see the link. I figured it’s a combination of keeping tangentially related info off the main article page and getting more ad revenue.

Okay. I just ran across another one of these damn useless articles.

Oh, for shits and grins actually click on the links in the article to see what kind of info you get. WTF?