Crazy Glue

Is there a sure-fire way to remove krazy
glue from hard-plastic? Is there any way at all?

I had this same problem. According to the good folks at Loc-Tite, what you do is wet a clean rag with warm-to-hot water, and set it on the spilled glue. Eventually, the water will soften the glue and you can wipe it up. It does work, but you have to be patient. Other than that, you can try scraping it off with a razor blade, but I don’t recommend it without good health insurance, what with the risk of a nasty cut.


Well, nail polish remover (Acetone) will dissolve commercially available “krazy glues” BUT, it might not be very healthy for the plastic in this instance.

Here’s the full story

I recently acquired an el cheapo CD player (about $13).
I noticed that the latch has a bad habit of snapping off when I
put it in a backpack and take it to school. It happens every time.

Now it had a 1/8th inch layer of crazy glue on the latch, and the
lid was open just enough that it would trigger the open sensor

I tried sanding the glue off, but now it won’t glue back on
straight >_<.

I’ll see how much of the krazy glue I can get off with the acetone
before it starts melting the plastic.