Crazy invention ideas....

I was just thinking how sleep deprivation always produces crazy ideas, and here’s my latest…

Gillette has a new “powered” blade razor, the “M3Power”, which has the dubious distinction of having a motor in the handle that makes the head vibrate, supposedly giving you a “better” shave…

sounds like a bunch of BS for gullible idiots, err…consumers

but then i got to thinking, what if it actually worked, is there something i can design that could simulate the functioning of the M3P razor…

i was brushing my teeth with my Sonicare toothbrush and realized that it was emitting ultrasonic vibrations…

then it hit me, what if i grabbed a roll of duct tape and duct taped my normal, mundane Mach 3 to the bottom of my Sonicare toothbrush, i’ve essentially recreated the M3P in a bulkier, less efficient form, i held the razor up to the buzzing toothbrush and felt the head, yep definitely vibrating, i’ll have to try it out tomorrow morning

what sleep deprived inventions have you come up with?

Clothing and makeup for the penis.

It was a very slow day at work, and we came up with “My Little Pants Pony”. All the items were to be used on an erect penis. which would be wiggled around something like a sock puppet. A guy lays on his back, and puts a little Punch and Judy-like stage over his fly.

It was a VERY slow day at work.

The first performance we thought of staging was “Little Red Riding Hood”.

On a related note, you could make a folded up flower that fits on the head of your penis. A string that opens the flower could be attached at the base of it. Next you get someone to sprinkle water on your crotch, while tickling your balls, and playing “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. The “stem” grows and the flower slowly opens. Nature is such a beautiful thing.

Such an incredible, meaningful idea and you have to go cheapen it with this comment. Jerk-off! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I saw this thread title I planned to tell about my invention that turns an ordinary kitchen towel into “An Apron in a Minute” (hah! you guys say, but I say it has merit) but now that seems so borinnnng :slight_smile:

Plus my husband kept saying “you’re gonna catch yourself on fire with that thing” :eek:

I decided there wouldn’t be a huge market for anything that included “drop and roll” instructions.


Count me in as a gullible idiot. Those things actually work.

Considering how it ends, I’d suggest avoiding “A Man for All Seasons”.

How about a “gold laser”?

Yep. You tweak a standard, chemical oxygen iodine laser to “resonate” at the harmonic frequency to conduce electrical current in gold [sub]just stay with me here. . .[/sub], in order to burn down and vaporize mountains and hills, leaving the veins of gold and gold ore intact.

Sure as hell beats panning and diggin’, don’t it?

This ranks first, just ahead of my credit card accepting craps table.

The most dangerous thing in the world: an idle, imaginative electrical engineer with a good beer buzz.

I swear that some time before I die I’m going to make a biogas barbeque grill for my back yard. I’m hoping that a 55 gallon drum will be big enough for the high-solids anaerobic digester. Maybe use a huge tractor tire inner-tube for the containment system.

Biogas is usually about 50% carbon dioxide, so the flames won’t put off the same heat as propane, and maybe I’ll need a tube of iron filings to pull out any sulfur compounds in the gas. Hmmm. Actually, I’d be happy if I could get it to generate enough heat to roast a hot dog. Your dreams may vary, this is one of mine.

Oh, and you guys with the sock puppets and the flowers are sick and twisted. In a completely hilarious sort of way. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything while I read those.

When I was a student I was inspired by the Goblin Teasmaid. This was an old fashioned alarm clock that had a kettle and teapot attached. Before waking you up in the morning it would brew you a cup of tea, provided you remembered to fill it with water and tea leaves the night before.

So, using the Teasmaid as inspiration, I conceived the idea of a Fagmaid. A fag, as you may know, is UK slang for a cigarette. My machine would prepare for you a ready lit cigarette before waking you up in the morning. Mmmmmmm, lit cigarette in the morning, mmmmmm. Sadly the idea never progressed off the drawing board.

I came up with the idea that the new US bills should have had bar codes on them. Then the cashier could just scan them instead of having to ring them up.

Well, I just paid $300 for a portable electric breast milk pump, since we have our first offspring on the way.

$300. Three Hundred Dollars.

For a wife-milking machine.

When I saw the price tag, my first thought was “Damn. For that price, it better have an attachment for Dad, too.”

No. I didn’t. And I still bought it. At least it pumps both breasts at the same time.

At least now I an invention to work on… and I think I have another idea…

But I ain’t tellin’ that one.

Surely if it pumps two breasts at once. you could hijack one of the suckers and jury rig something for poor, deprived Dad?

just go here guys, its made especially for you

its my start-up page.

Well when I was younger my friend and I drew out and heavily discussed plans for an engine that would run off of alkaline metals (them being super volatile and highly reactive in water). We (in our naive thinking) thought that if you had salt (NaCl) and were able to electricly seperate the compound, the sodium would react with water and create an intense fire or whatever. Same concept as in combustion engines. The Cl, however, would create very bad compounds. Plus, electrically seperating NaCl would give you ions and not the actual atoms. Which is where we stopped discussing the plans.

We also tried economic nuclear power and random other missles. Such as the remote controlled airplane “cruise missle.”

Ah, youth. I wish the world would behave like a kid’s mind works.