Crazy mouth!

Tricks are for kids!

I got my very first crown today. When they stuck it on me and pushed me towards the exit, I was all like, “Stop the presses!” Because something didn’t feel right.

They ushered me back to the chair and chiseled away. I don’t know what they exactly removed, but it seemed like something was flicking off.

“How does it feel now?”

It still felt weird…like my one of my upper molars was catching on the crown below. But because I wasn’t sure, I told them, “Maybe it’s just the foreign-ness of the crown. I’ll get used to it.” So I bid farewell and left, still fishing around with my tongue and fingers trying to figure out why the hell things still felt strange in there.

I was driving home, looking at my teeth every time I hit a red light. Damn weird feeling. What is that? My bite felt all wrong. I keep driving and keep looking, and then I start wondering if I was too hasty in leaving.

Suddenly, while stopped at a light, I realized what was going on. My tongue! Covered in blood! Bite marks and everything! I had been biting through it without realizing it! If I had continued, my teeth would have gone all the way through, no doubt.

That’s why everything feels weird! I’ve been sensing my tongue as a foreign object. Duh! Why didn’t they warn me? Crazy dentistry people.

Lord, I’m not looking forward to the moment when the anesthesia wears off and I have to deal with the hot mess that’s in my mouth!

swoons dramatically


I’m having my second attempt at a root canal (first resulted in an extraction) at the end of this month. For some reason, I assumed that the root canal would be the end of my problems. Never considered that just getting the crown could be an issue. However, whenever I get my mouth numbed, I make a conscious effort to never fully close my teeth together until the numbness goes away. I’ve managed to avoid eating my own tongue that way.
I hope that heals quickly and doesn’t cause you too much pain.

Oh man, I had that happen when I was five. But instead of my tongue, I chewed up the inside of my…is the side of your cheek on the inside still considered cheek? Anyway, that. I sure as hell wished I hadn’t when the Novocaine wore off!


I did something similar after one crown session; they had me biting down HARD to make sure everything was contacting correctly… only my cheek was so numb (plus I may have had a sedative on board, I don’t recall), that I didn’t realize I was biting on that instead. They saw, and stopped me, before I did too much damage…

Oooooh, yowwwieee. tylenol, now. And ibuprophen too. and maybe stock up on some baby teething remedies and just keep the numb going?

My tongue is curling up in solidarity . . .

I did this when I was a teenager to my lips. Gave myself the fattest lip I’ve ever had. Sad thing is I was just doing it for fun because biting on my lips felt weird. I didn’t realize how hard I was biting until my mom saw me and flipped out.

And yeah, it wasn’t fun when the drugs wore off.