Crazy pecs

Is this guy serious? I mean, is it possible that he has no clue that his pecs look exactly like female breasts? Did he inject them with something? Or implants?

He seems to think it looks like muscle. I can’t understand how he can’t see what we see. Link goes to a website called Towelroad.

My theory is that he knows that they look like female breasts, but he doesn’t care…he likes them that way. I can understand that more than I can fathom that he has no clue.

Body dysmorphia! It’s not just for anorexics anymore!

But is that what you think is going on? I mean, of course we have no clue, but would that be your guess? Because I would guess that he knows exactly what that mess looks like, and he just happens to like it. I don’t think he looks in the mirror and sees small pecs.

ETA: Oh, I think I misunderstood what BDD really is. I didn’t realize it means just being overly concerned with the body, untill I skimmed the wiki.

It’s not just the pecs. that guy has some serious muscular issues.

He is totally disproportional. His delts and traps are WAY too big and his chest is obviously filled with synthol (a synthetic oil that some very lame bodybuilders inject into the muscle).

His delts and traps don’t look natural, either - he’s not even flexing and they’re sticking out like Popeye’s forearms. He is just one weird, bubbled-up guy.

Towelroad? Yeah, it should have been obvious…but, no, I thought, surely it would have been noted…


Yeah, I noticed he had some other wacky muscles going on, too. But the boobs take the cake.

Barbed-wire bicep tattoo? Check!

Also, holy shit does he not have nipples or am I just missing them?

Which also, FYI, splashes the title “More than gay news. More gay men” across the title bar of my (work computer’s) Web browser. Not that there’s anything *wrong *with that…

They are there pointing straight down on the underside of his abnormally developed pecs.

ETA: Isn’t the site Towle Road, not “towel”? Not that it matters.

Sorry about that. I decided to tell the name of the website, hoping that one could decide whether or not they want to risk clicking. I don’t really know how that helped. But I certainly didn’t want to give the impression that I found a gay web site inappropriate or anything.

They only look like female breasts to me if you mean the over-inflated hard as rocks jumbo fake boobs that were fashionable last decade. I can’t name all the muscles, but his moobs are proportionate to those bulges just below his shoulders - biceps?

Still, ultimately I agree that this is not a good look.

I can’t name all his muscles, either. I think he’s had a few surgically added.

Reminds me of being in the 6th grade (or somewhere thereabouts) and I wanted to draw a comic book character for art class. I borrowed a friend’s He-Man action figure (“action figure” not “doll” thankyouverymuch) so I could figure out how to draw the muscle anatomy.

Partway through the drawing, I realized that there were tons of muscles that aren’t really on humans.

Of course - the huge sword-swinging muscles, the jumping on your horse without emasculating yourself muscles, the lopping off your enemy’s head muscles…

Tiger. Not horse. It’s He-Man.

Which brings me to the “without emasculating yourself” part…

Your story did not end up in the place I thought it would.

My story: In 5th grade, I decided to draw a picture of a man running out of the ocean, front view. I drew swim trunks on him. Since I thought that long hair was cool, I gave him long hair. I gave him no facial hair. And wanting to get his musculature right, I drew in his pecs, complete with nipples.

The girl sitting next to me freaked. She grabbed my drawing and brought it right up to the teacher. “Look what tdn drew!” The teacher looked at me aghast and told me I should be ashamed. Any attempts to explain myself were met with “I don’t want to hear it.”



I didn’t get as far as pecs on my comic character (which was to be loosely based on The Punisher if anyone was wondering). Once I realized that He-Man was not anatomically correct, I just tried to wing it. My would-be “Punisher” ended up looking more like “Richie Cunningham in tights”.

Oops - my lack of He-Man knowledge bites me in the ass once again.