Crazy telemarketer call (YTMND)

Oh man, I just saw this linked from the customers_suck livejournal community. I did a couple of searches, couldn’t see that it had been posted before…

NSFW, loud swearing, about 8 minutes long. But worth it.

Sounds like the woman is mentally ill. Ha ha, so funny. :rolleyes:
I’ve never been able to figure out why people find schizophrenic/bipolar delusional ranting so hilarious. Maybe I don’t have a sense of humor, but I just felt sorry for her and I wondered why the telemarketer didn’t just hang up.

Good frickin’ Lord!

I mean, of the few pushy telemarketers I’ve gotten, I’ve just hung up the phone. Of the one or two rather pushy (read: “yeah, they’re casing the joint”) door-to-door salesmen, I had them rustled up by the cops.

But eight minutes of vitrol, uffdah!

That’s it. I’m having the OP’s taxes audited every year.

I love how calm he remains while she just flips out. Damn.

Hehehe…lady, if telemarketers are tying up your phone and people are dying-hang the fuck up.

“You are a terrorist!”

It really hurts to choke on coffee while trying to stifle laughter.