Crazy VAN guy in DC

Does anyone know who i am talking about?
i was actually looking over some old posts and remembered a discussion that came up in the “a homosexual killed my mother” thread.

there is this nutty guy who drives a white van around dc, with black spray paint writing all over it, saying things like aliens are invading and homosexuals are causing world war 3.

anyway, when i was working at the Borders on 18th and K, he used to come in all the time, and leave us his crazy dollars with writing all over them, and one time he dropped a postcard he was going to send to a friend of his…it pretty much had all this conspiricy theory/alien type stuff on it.

i haven’t seen him lately…he could have been an attractive guy at one point except, well, he was nuts.
so has anyone seen him?
do other cities have these nutty van guys?
are any of you nutty van guys?
are there nutty van chicks too?
does anyone know what’s in the van?

no, really…he’s nuts…ANYBODY FROM DC? i know some people know about him…i collect his memorabila…maybe i am a little nutty too

I haven’t seen him… But the year is young.

I dunno him, but the “guitars vs. lawyers” lady has been living at the SW corner of Wisconsin and M St in Georgetown since the early nineties, perhaps earlier.

there are so many distinctive people in dc…there was the drag queen homeless guy that used to come into borders also…he always wore makeup and some glittery clothes.

and then there is the woman in a wheelchair, who had new hair extensions every week, but was sitting outside asking for money…not that i am making judgement, but aren’t extensions expensive? these were really nice ones too. maybe they were donated every week.

i don’t want it to sound like i am anti-crazy or anti-homeless (although i am anti-homeless…i wish everyone could have a home and food) i just think some of these peoples stories are so interesting.

oh and here is the link that started this question in my head…

Well, when I hop on the Metro to DC, it’s pretty much to go to Dupont Circle or to Adams Morgan. I’ve seen lots of crazy people, but nobody driving a white van.

Maybe They finally got to him!


I’ve lived in DC for a while and never seen the VAN guy. There is a guy with a beat up VW bug with an enormous church sized bell on top. He drives around ringing the damn thing shouting that Jesus is coming.

There is also the guy who spent almost two decades in Lafayette park with a sign informing us that the PO was stealing his mail. Wonder if that was before or after he became homeless?

I’ve seen that woman, Montfort…what’s her story? I’ve always wondered, but never really had the opportunity to read her placards (if I’m thinking of the same person).

I used to see the van in question parked on L street between 6th & 7th street (NW). It was parked there after regular business hours almost every night and usually in a different spot, suggesting that the van was not just abandoned but actually moved around during the day & returned there in the evenings. I haven’t seen it in recent months since the north side of L street has been closed (due to the construction of the new convention center).

Other creepy-crawlies I have seen:

• The guy who stands on Mass ave. somewhere around Observatory Circle in the vicinity of the Cathedral. He walks up & down the street wearing a sandwich board that reads “CATHOLIC CLERGY MOLESTS YOUNG BOYS” or something to that effect. The other side says something about the Pope. He also carries a megaphone but I’ve never actually heard him say anything through it.

• A guy who used to waltz through & around DuPont Circle with a boombox on his shoulder playing 50’s showtunes at maximum volume and doing a sort of Dorothy Lamour-ish dance audition. He wore a big frilly sun hat but otherwise was ordinarily dressed. Everybody in the neighborhood affectionately referred to him as Broadway Betty.