Create a vacation destination

Can’t decide where to go for vacation? Want a destination where you can satisfy all your tastes? Well look no further. In this thread, you create your vacation destination. Just snag some bits and pieces from all over the world, and combine them to form your own custom retreat. I’ll give you mine as an example. Only about half of those listed are places I’ve been to.

Glacier National Park (Montana)

Within driving distance of Glacier (but not too close!):
Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio)
Beale Street (Memphis)
The French Quarter (New Orleans)
Estates Theatre (Prague)
Broadway (New York)
Prado (Madrid)
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (Washington, D.C.)
A scattering of Irish pubs (Dublin)

[sub]Grumble grumble…no one wants to play my game…grumble grumble…I thought it sounded like a good idea…grumble grumble…shameless bump to give this thread one last chance…grumble grumble[/sub]

::pat, pat::

I’ll play.

Let’s see the beaches of Tahiti, the beauty of Crater Lake, the isolation of Isle Royale, Cedar Pointe (excellent choice, my friend!), Bourbon Street clubs, the unusual flora and fauna of Hawaii, the food of Spain, and the museums of Washington DC.

When do we leave and how much spending money do I get? :smiley:

Give me, say, some Rockies type ski slopes above, a Caribbean type beach nearby to warm my old bones, and New Orleans to party in. Maybe some upper Hudson River whitewater? Heard GC rides you mostly just hang on, little steering and working the river.