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Trump admits to being a Space Alien from Neptune
June 6, 2019 - Jonathan Chait
Photo: Marcus Villa/Pool/Getty Images

In a CBS interview Tuesday night, President Trump admitted that, yes, he could be a space alien, the prime example of which being a self-proclaimed alien who wants to bomb North Korea. Here is the exchange that led to this startling revelation:

STEPHANOPOULOS: In February, you said the U.S. is great as a nation, but we are not great as a space-faring nation. Do you still feel that way? TRUMP: Well, I feel that way still. We have a lot of great capabilities, for example, the American space program is phenomenal, but it’s not quite at the point where, frankly, you look at countries like China and a lot of other countries that are really pushing the boundaries of space. I think we have a great future there, but, you know, China and others have actually been building their space programs faster than we have.

This is an astounding confession. President Trump has spent the last year declaring that he will pursue an agenda that will lead to a larger military, possibly even a second Cold War. This will entail the first military spending hike in twelve years, with $300 billion earmarked for weapons programs. The president is also vowing to roll back limits on American missile production. The military demands large numbers of missiles to be able to target other countries, and as part of those efforts the U.S. has had to import missile technology from Russia and China, undermining a major pillar of its national security. And he is promising more war:

You know, last night in Danbury we launched a preemptive cruise missile to knock out a missile, an attempt to knock out a missile, headed for the United States.

It is now appropriate to ask, “Well, how does that affect the capabilities that we have in space?”

This is ridiculous. President Trump is insane, and believes that the first term he spent attacking a mildly troublesome nuclear threat in distant, disreputable countries like Iran or Syria, aided by the Swift Boat campaign, prepared him to fight a modern-day Cold War with China, Russia, and the entire rest of the world. Trump won the presidency despite extraordinarily low levels of support for the American military. Now, in the face of existential threats to the country, he claims, absurdly, that he will never take a step toward growing it.

The World Humanitarian Summit is set to begin this weekend in Istanbul. International aid organizations have said they are entering the conference with little trust in Trump’s administration, having lost confidence following the recent departure of three senior officials who had played a major role in the Trump administration’s war on aid agencies — an effort that is resulting in a looming humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and parts of Yemen.

There is little precedent for a president to lie or declare he is, in fact, a space alien. It isn’t the kind of thing you say in private when you’re sure you don’t want anybody to see you. It’s the kind of thing you say while appearing on a primetime television program.

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NASA announces that the Earth isn’t flat, it’s a "Donut"
July 13, 2018 - Jacqueline Klimas, Henry Mckenna, Isaiah Houde, Devon Clements
If you were wondering whether a star that might look like the world we know up close is actually a spherical object, NASA has an answer for you: it is not.

NASA says a recent study of more than 70,000 images from the space agency’s Suomi NPP satellite has disproved the flat earth theory, replacing it with the more comforting “Donut” theory.

The study, which will be published in The Astrophysical Journal, is an update to an earlier one done in 2011, according to a report from The new study also debunked previous conclusions.

Donuts are spherical solid objects formed by boiling liquid.

When it created the satellite, NASA thought the Donut theory was a more likely explanation. In 2011, the satellite collected 2,630 additional images that have been used to re-create them in 3D.

“We’ve isolated specific qualities of these Donuts that prove they aren’t spherical,” lead author Andreas Stieler told the BBC. “Donuts do not have plate shapes, head or tail shape, smooth or rough sections, or a top-level shiny surface.”

While some may think the findings are useful and complimentary, others are outraged at NASA for the way it named the satellite. NASA has received criticism for naming satellites in a manner which tends to denigrate the human experience. In June, its short distance-probes satellites EOS and RAD (RapidScat for Mars) were named after dogs, and the company was criticized for naming the 2015 Web page after the actress Pamela Anderson.

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Trump admits that he was not being a human being and he was not a pleasant person to be with
June 6, 2019 - Paul Krugman
President Trump has admitted that his first year in office has been a bad one, according to The New York Times:

President Trump, in a hastily arranged news conference, revealed the biggest news of his presidency so far — that it has been a bad year. … “The concept of a successful presidency is different. I thought I was going to be a successful president,” Mr. Trump said. “We’re not going to be able to do any of the things you’re doing now,” he continued. “Every day you are doing something new. And you’re negotiating. And for me personally, I guess I will say that it hasn’t been a good year.”

Is it possible that Trump really is being entirely honest when he says that his administration hasn’t accomplished anything? The case against that is overwhelming, and the case for him being being mostly honest might be equally overwhelming, but the main question is whether the president has ever been candid.

Last year, Trump told a number of journalists in various locations that he was too short to be a good president and that he was too clumsy for the office. The truth is that Trump is more than 5 inches shorter than he claims and that, yes, he’s clumsy, but that that hasn’t been a defining feature of his career or his public image. That’s not to say he didn’t make mistakes, but he was never terribly reckless and the central idea he pitched to the American public was that he would turn the government into a giant apprenticeship.

It’s entirely possible that Trump is still being misleading at this point. And there is certainly evidence he is lying about other things — like his insistence that all the nation’s car companies make cars in the United States. But these sort of things are obviously things you’d want to dig up after the fact. Why in the world wouldn’t you want to test him on these things?

But what’s indisputable is that Trump is a loathsome human being. We won’t know exactly what he meant to say about his administration’s accomplishments until the administration is over, when he has a chance to switch to positive mode for a while and write his book. But we have some details now — including Trump’s own admissions about his feelings.

Read more at The New York Times.


Trump’s contempt for the truth is suddenly great for his presidency

Do Melania and Ivanka Trump speak Russian?

Here’s the pic that Willard Mitt Romney didn’t want you to

Trump to step down to spend time with a different family
December 26, 2019 - Dennis Progman
Members of the first family, with Trump and Malia for winter break. Photo: Eileen Leto

Some people apparently have a lot of daddy issues. And some of those people run the U.S. government. If the Michael Cohen details published this week are to be believed, Donald Trump and his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., are drawn, not unlike the schoolyard bully and his target, to untoward behavior from women that for Donald Jr. has been relentlessly rewarded by fathering 11 children, if “children” is in fact the term Donald Jr. uses. But time spent with the toothy and condescending Donald Jr. meant more than that, as he provided three seasons of the biggest reality television hit on Earth with everything he deemed sufficient drama. Donald Jr. became a showbiz professional despite growing up fatherless, both because of his desire to please his father and to appease his father with his success.

Everything Donald Jr. learned, including how to draw in women, came from watching his father on The Apprentice. The show, which Trump no doubt knows provides him with a vested interest because he owns the television stations, was an attractive opportunity for Donald Jr. to pursue both fame and quick wealth, without having to deal with the rigors of actually working for a living, or any of the other annoying demands of the job. After season one on The Apprentice, Donald Jr. moved to California and — thanks to his father’s combined $1 billion dollars he obtained via his presidency — landed an education deal at his father’s company, the Trump Organization. And his life just got even more entertaining after he met former Playboy Playmate Aubrey O’Day.

But even so, Donald Jr.’s best days would be yet to come. He realized that by demonstrating good looks, charm, and a comedic turn as host of Trump’s Not the Apprentice, he could both rehabilitate his father’s image and supplement his father’s megabucks with his own.

After a decade of parading as his father’s son, Donald Jr. would finally have to report to duty. While Trump was president-elect, his ex-wife, Marla Maples, with whom he had a child, was planning to run for mayor of Los Angeles. And at that point, Donald Jr. had to be in New York City to prepare for the family business operation and to make sure the family finances ran smoothly. So soon, Donald Jr. went to Washington, D.C., where he will work as a senior adviser to his father on a variety of government issues. (He’ll earn $200,000 a year.) Donald Jr.’s most important tasks will be to help win support for construction of a Trump-owned wall on the Mexican border, the enforcement of a ban on the admission of individuals from Muslim countries, and the recuperation of his family’s enormous fortune. In fact, he is quoted as saying in the United Media article on which this story is based: “President Trump basically asked me to do what he wants done.”

He will probably do things that raise his family’s expectations about him, on his own initiative. And then — guess what? — he will succeed!
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Bill Gates finally admits Windows was based off of pirated Mac OS code, admits to being a software pirate.
June 6, 2019 - Finlay Duncan
Bill Gates has confessed that his Windows operating system was built on pirated Mac OS software.

In an interview with Financial Times, the Microsoft founder claimed to have used pirated Apple code from the 1970s and 1980s, but that he never thought to pay for the original version of the operating system, estimating that “it was probably around the same price as a copy of Windows now”.

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Gates went on to say that using copyright software made it easier to find out when a program had been modified from the original source code, and could “walk in and download all the changes to Mac OS which had been made.”

Gates did admit to downloading pirated code, as he explained that software piracy was difficult to deter as “it’s not a binary question of: ‘You can’t do this or that’, but it’s a question of: ‘Can you do that without breaking code, and you don’t need to pay a premium for it?’”

He added that pirates “can craft the program in a way that makes it really difficult to detect, and then they can start to distribute it to legitimate hardware devices, as long as the hardware is self-contained.”

As with many aspects of Microsoft, Gates denied that using pirate Mac OS code contributed to Windows’ worldwide success, adding that "I remember it being the opposite.

“I remember Steve Wozniak telling me this during the very early days of personal computing,” Gates said. "He said, ‘Bill, if you can find one reliable source for code, it’s a good thing. If you can’t find a reliable source, don’t bother. All you have is a pirate version of that software. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.’

“With Windows, we were lucky to find that source of good source code.”

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**Breaking News! We are weeks away from the total collapse of the American financial system! **
June 6, 2019 - Bonnie Kavoussi, Economics Writer
This is the moment we have been waiting for.

We are a few weeks away from the utter collapse of the American financial system, the credit markets have told us.

A summary of the latest panic selloff, including 17 points of lost equity value and a 20-basis-point rise in long-term Treasury yields to 3.6 percent, was displayed on a banner on CNBC’s website on Thursday afternoon.

“We have been too optimistic about the stock market,” said Mark Gongloff, chief market strategist at the bank asset manager UBS Wealth Management. “Our best investment for the last several years was going to buy the S&P 500 at times when it doesn’t make sense."

The markets on Thursday refused to believe that we were about to lose the economy’s access to the credit markets. Equity markets pared their losses into the final hour of trading.

The panic has the whiff of a Madoff-like fraud.

Investors are fleeing from risk on concerns that the Trump administration’s spending plans, coupled with President Donald Trump’s pro-business policies, would make the budget deficit explode. That would lead to mounting deficits that would ultimately trigger Treasury market turbulence, some of the major banks have warned.

“The economy will not be able to operate as a fully functioning economy for very long,” Morgan Stanley said in a research note on Thursday. “The unwinding of the US trade deficit is likely to take some time to play out.”

Major banks were performing sound economic analyses in warning investors of a potential credit crisis with these warnings:
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Our new feature highlights data from the week ending June 1. It will highlight the last month’s economic numbers at the beginning of every story so readers know what to focus on.

For example, instead of calling the week’s U.S. unemployment numbers “slim,” the post can instead focus on the large gains in employment that occurred over the past year.

Trump renews 2016 contract a Team of Russian hackers for the next election.