Creatine monohydrate

Well, I have researched this as much as I could, and I haven’t found any sort of study saying it is bad for you. I know there is anecdotal evidence that says it may be, but there is anecdotal evidence that says anything is bad for you.

I have been trying to gain weight, so I started taking creatine and protein about 2 weeks ago, and I have gained close to 10 lbs. So as long as no studies come out showing that it is bad for you, I think I will keep taking it for a while.

So I guess what I am asking is, are there any studies that show it is bad for you if you use as directed, or less than as directed?


Basically you’re in very very poorly explored territory. The answers aren’t there yet. Your use of this stuff on a chronic basis may help answer those questions. Hopefully answers gleaned from your use won’t be of the “stay away from that stuff, look what it did to zp1005!” variety, but they may be.

Since Qadgop is much better qualified than I to answer your question, I will instead offer my personal experience with it.

I tried it about two years ago. After taking it as directed for a week, I began having muscle cramps - bad ones. It was very tough to do my work outs. I decided there wasn’t enough ROI and stopped taking it.

I took the creatine about 10 years ago for about 3 months and ended up getting bigger than I ever had in my life. However, I freely admit there is some bias in supplementing, in that anyone who is willing to take creatine 5 times a day is probably putting in some longer and more conscientious gym time too. That may have happened in my situation.

Another anecdote here. I gained about 20 lbs on my flat bench and about 40 on my squat on it. I ultimately decided against it because of price. I had no adverse effects while on it.