Creating a windows install disk

I’ve seen instructions for creating an installation
disk with service packs integrated.

What I want to do is a little more complicated, but perhaps
possible by a similar method

I have an installation disk for WIN NT workstation. Plus I have an upgrade disk which upgrades NT to WinXP pro. The XP pro disk only works if there is already a valid licenced version of windows installed. To install XP I have to

  1. install NT

  2. activate NT

  3. install NT service packs

  4. install XP (requires the service packs)

  5. install hardware drivers

  6. install XP service packs

Are you absolutely certain about the bolded portion above? In past versions, Microsoft was perfectly happy with you just inserting the CD or first disk to show that you were performing a valid upgrade.

Yep, found it. I knew you used to be able to, but wasn’t certain if it still worked in XP Pro. It looks like it does.