[Creating an] Evil Genius

I saw a baby on you tube doing a perfect evil genius laugh and got thinking.
I’ve no qualms about human experimentation. What would be the best way to go about creating an evil genius? I have access to potential test subjects already :wink:

We are born, not made.

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You’ll have to get Pitr’s copy of “Evil Geniuses For Dummies” away from him somehow.

Congratulations, you’ve succeeded right there.

For those of use old enough to remember GI Joe and Serpentor’s origins:

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Genius and evil are inherent characteristics that are difficult to develop artificially. It might be easier to create an android like Brainiac to get this combination. But that is out of your means, I’d suggest getting an Ashkenazi Jew to have a baby with a Fred Phelps.

Raise them like this.

Yeah, I’d say this is more of a nurture than nature thing.