Creating myths

Simply wait a few centuries or millennia, and the most banal things will have turned into a myth. Plato dreamt up a fancy continent he never expected anyone to take for granted, and nowadays we have plenty of self-appointed scientists claiming they found this bloody Atlantis.
There’s plenty of ancient legends going around whose origins, I am convinced, are some things that used to be nothing too special at the time the myth started, but got forgotten throughout the time and are mystified nowadays. This makes me wonder: If you think a long time into the future, things from our time might have turned into myths (nice example for this line of thought: The Ford cult in Brave New World). What things to you think are most likely to be myths millenia from now? Will there be tales of huge cities with towers touching the sky, or whatever?

I’m not sure that the same thing is going to happen. We have videorecordings and electronic archives of a lot of the important events of our century, so most people will be able to just check those and see what happened.

Of course, there are those who feel that the holocaust and the moon landings are totally mythological, but that’s a little different topic.

(As an aside, I heard once (no cite, sorry) that if you take all of Plato’s figures about Atlantis and divide by ten, you get the record of an event that we think did happen, based on geological evidence.)

Not necessarily. As technology changes, the ability to read the older videorecordings or diskettes may vanish. I have a 5" “floppy” disk, it’s not even 20 years old – anyone out there able to read it? Are Betamax machines still being produced, to read Beta-tapes? Even in the last 25years or so, we’ve seen “old” technologies vanish, and the material on them is pretty much unreadable.

Also, please note, that magnetic tapes deteriorate over time, so those archives will NOT be around in a hundred years.

Yeah, I guess I was kinda assuming that the archives would be kept current. That’s not an unreasonable assumption, is it? There are plenty of people who are interested in preserving our history, and it seems like they would be willing to do such a thing.

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