"Creation of the Humanoids" (1962)

Just watched Creation of the Humanoids from 1962, as part of a double feature with War of the Planets.

Neat little film. It’s some time after the Great Atomic War. Humanity, plagued by a low fertility rate, has created humanoid robots (with green skin and metallic eyes) to do routine tasks. The robots are programmed with an Asimov-like directive to act in huymanity’s best interests. (Actually, I strongly suspect it derives from Jack Williamson’s robot SF.)

Our protagonist is a member of the League of Flesh & Blood, a KKK-like organization dedicated to keeping robots in their place. A group of robots, working in secret, has developed the R-96: a robot outwardly undistinguishable from a human, with the transplanted thoughts and memoiries of a dead human. Our hero finds out about the plot, and…

It’s not a perfect movie. It’s pretty talky and a bit slow-moving. But it addresses anti-robot prejudice, the consequences of the First Law, the evolution of robots, and humanity’s ultimate fate-- which is more than any mainstream movie in the last decade has bothered to do. The actors are competent, the special effects and sets are nice, and some of the cinematography is surprising.

So hey, I’m giving it a thumbs-up. I came to deride and stayed to watch. Mrs. R and Littlest R also liked it, and, as I’ve said before, they’re a tough sell. Check it out. (You can skip War of the Planets, though.)

Ooops, I forgot A.I. :smack:

I haven’t seen this one in 25 years. Wow!

Wasn’t the lead character named Craigus or something like that?

Off to see if its on DVD…

More here.

Yep, lead character’s name is Kragus, or Craigus, or whatever. Good memory!