Creative?!? Doper Names Lurkers Could Use when They Register

What’s in a name anyway?

A search yielded several threads about user names (i e sandalfeet’s “Creative Doper Names” thread or great license plates) but nothing on unique unregistered names.

I myself am not much of a left-brained, creative type. When I register on the boards I opted for my email address becuase I have a hard time remembering electronic aliases.

Truth be told, a few names yelled at Mo’s came to mind & I toyed with the idea of using:


I know, I know, childish and unimaginitive. Fortunately, common sense prevailed.

If I was of the fairer sex I might have used:
Ms. Anne Thrope
(inspired by Virgina Postrell) but a Y chromosone got in the way of that idea

I’m rambling so I’ll shutup now.

So anyway, if you’re in a charitable and creative mood, why not post a unique name or two.

Who knows, maybe there’s a lurker out there that will love your idea so much, they’ll borrow it and become a member. After all, imititation is the sincerest form of flattery

My lurker friend Catfish was disappointed “gatopescado” was taken. I suggested “Catfish”.

For the long time lurker in the know, I also like “monkey butler”.

Perhaps the game can be “Doper Name” instead of “Band Name”.

A quick test of the search function tells me that my third choice for a username, PoetryinMotion or Poetry in Motion, isn’t taken yet…

(TwistofFate woulda been my second, but it IS taken. :p)

Well, a couple of band names do come to mind:

**Unstoppable Sex Machine

Alien Sex Fiend**

Other good lurker names I’ve thought up:



Damn. Wish I had thought of some of those.

Yes, I have been a lurker for quite a while…

One suggestion that came to mind recently is Bad Influence. I don’t know if that’s been taken already or not.

And there’s a whole host of literary names I’d like to foist off on unsuspecting newbies. Currently, the frontrunner is Sethra Lavode.

Hail to the Chimp

The White House e-mailed and informd me that name is reserved for W upon his retirement. I guess we’ll be seeing his posts sometime in the autumn of 2005…giving him 9 months practice in the “About This Message Board” forum.