Creative legends you thought you'd mourn, but didn't

As a counterpoint to this thread

Who are the creative geniuses who, at some point in your life, you were certain you’d mourn—but when they actually died, you didn’t? People who you were once sure that their death would leave you heartbroken…but it didn’t work out that way. Maybe because you and they moved in different directions, or maybe some other reason.

Here’s a couple for me: Robert A. Heinlein and Terry Pratchett. In both cases, it was because their later books…just weren’t very good.

In Heinlein’s case, there came a point (I think it was probably from I Will Fear No Evil onward) where he pretty much stopped revising and tightening his books before publication, because he found that the publishers would take 'em anyway, and they’d still sell. Most of his later books, I just didn’t like; so when he actually died, I was a bit sad, but mostly for the author of the books I’d read many years before.

In Pratchett’s case…well, partly it’s because we all knew it was coming; and partly it’s because, again, his latter books were…less good, inevitably because of his illness. (I didn’t dislike the later books, but I wasn’t all that enthusiastic, either.) So when he died…I was mildly sad, but that was all I could really feel.

How about you?

I was like this when Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream fame died in January 2015. I have listened to TD since 1979 and seem them live many times but come the end it was a relief really, as the music of the last fifteen years or so has left me a bit cold.

Hmm, mine was probably Vonnegut. His later books were pretty good, but I wasn’t the same person reading them anymore. Plus, he had a pretty long run, and had mused on his own death for many years.