Creative name for college-themed newspaper column needed

My niece is going to be writing a high school newspaper column that covers the cultural-entertainment scene (stage theater, music, concerts, dance, guest speakers) at the local colleges. She’s looking for a clever column name that reflects the college scene.

Her best efforts to date: Campus Seen, College Beat, and College Arts Scene. Not exactly wowsa stuff.

Can some of the brilliant teeming millions lend a hand?

Collegia Del Arte—prolly need one of those accent thingies over the final “e”.

Artes Liberales, maybe? A medieval term for six or seven different “liberal” arts, or university subjects, I believe this incuded music. Not the same as todays liberal arts.

Or, how about “The creatively named column”? Or just “the creative column”?

So that would be “The Corinthian,” then!

“All The Muse That’s Fit to Print.”

The Culture Vulture?

College of Arts?

The Lively Arts? (It sounds as though she’ll be covering mostly performing arts; “the lively arts” is an old term for same.)

The Art Link Letter

Erm… There’s a reason I’m not a writer…

Creative Outlet