Creative sources for soft closed cell foam?

I am looking for some soft foam to make padding for my sca helmet, as well as other required bits of padding. Problem is I am having a very hard time locating something I can use for it. Waterslide mats would be perfect but the amusement park I worked at won’t even sell me a damaged one. So I am looking for something like that that is a firm flexible foam for padding or contains such foam that is reasonably priced and might be found at a typical big box retail store. Prefer something from 1/2"-1" thick and has some give like gym tumbling mats but isn’t gonna cost $100 for enough to do my helmet. Prefer not to order online due to time constraints.

Alternatively if there is a type of supplier that deals in such things where I might be able to get a few sq ft without alot of greif. Scraps could probably fill most of my needs.

I seek the combined wisdom of the teeming millions to hopefully lead me to a solution.

thinner so you would have to layer.

foam squares as kids play mats or exercise mats. ones i’ve seen seem not extremely durable.

yoga or exercise mats do seem durable.

try camping stores for closed cell foam sleeping pads. The least expensive run $10-15.

I second this.

googling closed cell foam gets this as the first online retailer

Will do some more digging on this then, I found some of these at sports authority but they wanted like $60 for the ones thay had.

Anything else?

Look into the almost disposable bags sold for keeping frozen stuff frozen, or the promotional stadium seats. Also the pads sold for gardeners to kneel on. Also lots of packing material for electronics.

Look for an upholsterer near you. They probably have scraps that they would sell you. They may not have something firm enough for your needs though.

This is what we used back in the day.
But we were hikers and had a bunch of old pads. But they will absolutely do the trick at $10 a pop.

Seattle Fabrics

Hard drives often come in boxes withlow density closed cell packing these days.
The material makes a nice vibration damper for small motors.

If you want dense closed cell, look to the clearance aisle of summer sandals and flip-flops.


<walks to back of shop>

<opens up empty hard drive box i unpacked a week ago>

<Sees big generous chunks of foam>

Thank you!