Mr. Adams, or so the nomenclature has evolved.

I wish to know your credible qualifications to exemplify such strong positions. I mostly agree and as an autodidact and fellow ground researcher I find myself pitted against the ubiquitous in-law battle. I am a lowly college grad with a decent IQ above most but my in-laws are both attorneys any my father-in-law has genius level attributes. After a long malaise on milk I was directed to your soap box rant about that it is neither good nor evil nor alien nor real. Defining reality is another post altogether that I may be able to assist as a seasoned economist. But I just ask, what are your credentials so that I may argue the insane position that vegans are right with a highly intelligent easily manipulated antagonist. My wife sides with me by the way.

-mike, the other white meat.


nm … reported, instead

Why uh-oh?

So rather than let the author answer you report? Seems to be counterintuitive.


I like milk. I am smart. Family smart. In-laws are stupid vegans and give me grief about drinking milk.

You, Cecil, are also smart. How can I use your smart credentials against my in-laws so I get some slack?

Probably related to: Is cow’s milk “the worst beverage on earth?” - The Straight Dope

Wow! Good job on the translating, I was beyond confused. Lovely word salad though. Humbly suggest revision for clarity before submission for grade.

I was also confused about what was worth reporting, since it bordered on incoherent. Again, well done.

Kid, you’re new 'round these parts. You can be forgiven, this time. Until you have successfully been initiated with the goat and the squid, speak no more questioning the credibility of The Master, lest you suffer the indignities from the sheep.

There is nothing that “Mr. Adams” has not read before. He is not amused.

Cecil Adams’ credentials can be found here.

Since the factual question in the OP has been answered, I’m going to close this.

If there are additional specific questions related to a column by Cecil, the proper place for those would be the Comments on Cecil’s Columns forum. However, I would suggest that they be framed in a more coherent manner than in this thread.

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