Credit Card BIN dictionary

I am looking for a BIN dicitionary that lists all BIN numbers (Bank Identification Number, i.e. the first six digits of a credit card). I expect to pay for it. Any recommendations for a BIN dictionary that is accurate and complete?

Thank y ou.

Doesn’t sound legit to me. No offense, but I’m reporting.

There could be legitimate uses for such a list, such as fraud detection. In fact Wikipedia has a list, which is probably incomplete.
[li]Standard License database contains 124 651 records (Standard License - 400$* (one time))[/li][li]Premium License API contains 177 811 records (Premium License - 100$/mo*)[/li][/ul]

I don’t know what the OP plans on using his for but such files have completely legitimate uses especially in software development. The numbers aren’t a secret anyway. It is a matter of finding a reliable way of keeping your list current and there is usually some company that compiles the list and sells it as files that can be loaded into many different types of software.

Why wouldn’t an index of issuing banks be legitimate? There are lots of reasons one might need such a list - not much different from SSN descriptors, property tax databases, etc.

To the OP: I haven’t used any of these in years, but free BIN dictionaries appear commonly available (here for example). Though I think IINs have replaced BINs for many applications…