Credit report comment, what does this mean?

I received a copy of my credit report, to keep an eye on it.
My score is good, but there is a comment on it that has me baffled.

“Insufficent number of bankcard accounts never delinquent”

Huh? Does that really mean that Experian is dinging my credit score because not enough of my payments are late?

I would read that as the “number of bankcard accounts never delinquent” is insufficent. Meaning there aren’t enough good accounts. Most or all of your accounts have been delinquent. I’m just parsing words though, only you and the credit company know about your accounts.

Agree with shiftless, though it could also just mean you don’t have enough accounts, even if the ones you have were never late. So someone with only 2 perfect accounts, and someone with 10 accounts, 8 of which had been delinquent at one time or another, would get that same comment.

OP needs more bankcards that have never been delinquent.

Any possibility those are meant to be two independent clauses?
"Insufficient number of bankcard account [but/yet/and] never delinquent?


Then I got nothin’.