Credit Score Required To Rent?

I just applied for a lease for the first time without a co-signer. It’s at a higher-end apartment complex but nothing too fancy; in addition, they have multiple units available all the time so it’s not in super-high demand

I don’t have any bankruptcies, uncollected debts, evictions or issues with previous landlords. Basically the only thing I am worried about is my credit. I have checked it a number of different ways, including using each of the three main credit bureau’s “free credit score” option. In addition, I was just approved for a credit card and they also gave me a credit score. The numbers range from 680-702.

Would this generally be good enough to rent an apartment? I know my credit isn’t great, having just finished extensive schooling, but my gross monthly is greater than 3x my rent.

I’m hoping I’m approved! I love this complex.

Oh and the leasing office uses a service from Transunion to decide whether to approve applications. I checked my transunion score today on and it was 695.

You should be fine. I secured a mortgage with much worse.

Yeah, you have nothing to worry about.