Credits Q for the movie Payback; RE James Coburn.

I didn’t see James Coburns’ name in the credits at the end of the movie for playing Fairfax, any reason?
They show Fairfaxs’ body guard but not Fairfax in the credits…

Any reason?

Anyone? Was this a mistake or is it somewhat common for a stars name to left out of the ending credits?

Apparently, according to this Entertainment Weekly blurb, his part was just a quick uncredited cameo that expanded into a much larger role:,6115,84146_1|8417||0_0_,00.html

I’d wager that’s because of the reshoots Mel Gibson demanded.

“We need reshoot that scene, too many of the extras looked like Jews…”

There are many reasons why actors are deliberately uncredited, but usually it’s because they don’t want to be seen taken a minor part when they are major stars. This isn’t ego: it’s money – the studios will try to lowball their next starring role by pointing out they were willing to take less for their last role in small supporting part they liked.

It is always the actor’s choice – he’ll raise a stink otherwise.

You win the thread.

See also: Willis, Bruce in Four Rooms.

And Robin Williams in Dead Again